Angelica Zambrano 3rd Testimony of Heaven and Hell

Posted: July 26, 2018 in Hell and Heaven are both real places

Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

This is the 3rd revelation of Heaven Angelica Zambrano 3rd experience of Heaven and Hell - - B
and Hell that the LORD
gave to Angelica Zambrano. She was shown the beauty of Heaven and also many people who ended their lives in the everlasting torments of Hell because of various sins. She was given important warnings to the church and told of the low percentage of christians  that are ready for the LORD’S RETURN.

Evangelist Angelica Zambrano lives in Ecuador in South America. It was around midnight when her near-death experience & revelation of heaven and hell began. The ministers and brethren were all in intercessory prayer during the experience. The first thing that occurred was that angels took her from her house to a heavenly viewpoint.


From a heavenly viewpoint an angel said  heaven and hell
“Look you are seeing the earth. Look at all
the churches and congregations of the earth.

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