“America: Catastrophe Is Looming!” – given to Ken Dewey as 9/11 anniversary arrives and Hurricane Florence intensifies and heads to East Coast…so many warnings…so few listen”

Posted: September 11, 2018 in a dreadful day indeed when all that is holy and good is considered evil

A Word First and Primarily for the United States of America, but will effect all nations!

Early today, I heard The Spirit speak and say: “CATASTROPHE.”

I heard The LORD say to me look up the definition of the word so I went to the dictionary to research the meaning:

Catastrophe [Noun]
1. A sudden widespread disaster.
2. Any misfortune, or failure; fiasco
3. A final event or the conclusion, usually a unfortunate one, a disastrous end.

The LORD said write this down:

“I want you to understand the word “catastrophe” for you must know and unfortunately I must warn you all that a monumental event will happen soon, which will divide America into pieces.

America is like a spinning wheel fixing to explode.

Pieces will fly away and the force of the event will bring great controversy.

The results will be great and disastrous, throwing America farther into the darkness of the End-Time Night.

The spirit of the Antichrist has worked his work thoroughly sitting the stage for the coming event.

Oh see the magnitude of his work on so many souls in America now.

See the distortion and confusion reign. This nation is on a collision course and the crash is at the door!

Did I not say: The day would come when wrong will no longer be considered wrong, and right would no longer be considered right?

Yes, turned around backwards it is now: men think backwards, even in churches we witness vain teachings contrary to the written truth.

Truth is fallen in the streets.

Men continually imagine vain thoughts.

No longer is there any restraint, now the Antichrist will move his players [further into his plans to dominate the world] and to capture the complete.

Yes a dreadful day indeed when all that is holy and good is considered evil.

Did I not warn you?

Have I not said it?

His day is surely to come even as sure as my Holy Word speaks truth.

So time is suddenly here, the spirit of evil works!

To all who have ears to hear, then hear: Now a great catastrophe is sure to come as this evil day rules in the heart of so many.

Oh watch them run in the darkest night, not even able to see through.

See them stumble and watch them fall headlong into the fire coming.

Watch the Day of Catastrophe events, for darkness rules the majority.

To you who have ears to hear and eyes to see: PREPARE, I SAY BRACE YOURSELVES, for the days ahead will be Dark and Dangerous and none will be able to stand without Faith in and upon the Solid Rock.

The only sure foundation now is up under Me in My Secret Place!

Know that I AM with you to work miracles of deliverance and provision.

Know that I will help you who know and hear this warning.

Know I AM and I have not changed or forsaken you who know me and choose me over all the evil days ahead.


Come away from the World now and forsake their darkness.

Reject the spirit of evil men and turn to the holy road in the desert.


But know and fully heed this warning.  Any of my People who compromise now and days ahead will fall down hard and in pain of loss will lose.

Lives are many that will be lost; because so many of those who know me yet compromise away my truth and walk in rebellion of their flesh.

Prepare, I say, prepare for the shock wave of the coming catastrophic will shake all in this American land.

The once bright light of truth and freedom is now diminished and darkened by the council of the evil day of the spirit of evil, the Antichrist.



From Source: America: Catastrophe Is Looming!


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