“My Children will escape My coming wrath and should invite as many as they can to board the ark alongside of them. Always remember, My Children, that My love for you is immeasurable, and cannot be fathomed by your human mind. It is a love that encompasses all of My creation, and your goal should be to share it with all who cross your path. My mercy will be extended to every heart that chooses Me. Many preach against this truth as it does not seem fair to them. Speak to these filled with their fleshy pride. I am the judge of each man’s heart. Simply put, I AM. If you are not sharing my pure simple Gospel, you are not preaching My Gospel at all. Seek Me on this, and I will show you My truth. My ways are black and white, there is no gray area. I AM.” From: Black & White – 278Pikelk

Posted: September 15, 2018 in Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination

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