“I want to be clear. The wooden yoke has now been replaced by the iron yoke, and as such, many will be enslaved! Those coming against My true prophets, My true watchmen, My true shepherds will soon learn the truth – THEY WERE WRONG!!! They did not hear My voice, but the voice of a lying, deceiving spirit! They were so sure because the lying spirit will stay with them, deceiving them until they realize they were being deceived! They can say, “I have been in ministry all my life – I cannot be deceived! THAT IS PRIDE!!!” is excerpt from: YOKES OF IRON – Byron Searle

Posted: October 2, 2018 in Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination

From Source: YOKES OF IRON – Byron Searle

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