“I WEEP” – Todd Farley

Posted: October 5, 2018 in a dreadful day indeed when all that is holy and good is considered evil

WORD from the Lord: “I weep” May 6, 2018

I weep for all of My people who lean away from My gentle urgings…

I weep for all of My people who are content in this world, who do not acknowledge that everything good they have ever received, is from Me!

I weep for those whose hearts I designed to be giving, but they sow their seed into Babylon and all of its glitter, instead of to the widow, the orphan, or the poor.

I weep for those who see themselves as clean; even as they roll in the muck and mire!

I weep when I see My sheep, My children, doing the things I hate; the daggers of pride being thrust into the backs of My remnant!

These are outright assaults against Me, by My own! Many of whom wield or even throw these daggers of division, from their contentious high positions; yet they know not how far they’ve already fallen!

To those I say, examine yourself, repent! If it’s not love it’s not Me!

These are the same who know not that they are the dry bones of dead religion, and the spirit of the Pharisee has made them nothing but a clanging cymbal, the blind tail, thinking they are the head!

Great will be the fall of vain imaginations, idolatry, bitterness, contention, rage and murder! Even greater still, the fall of the king of all children of pride!

Soon, I will dine in heaven with those who lay not with the cunning serpent!

My sheep, My children, all who have been sealed until the day of redemption; I AM coming soon! Keep My joy in your heart, for the seed of it was planted there to help you endure until the end; until and unto the time of the great harvest…

That time is at hand! Do not fear, for I AM is with you. Those who love Me above all else, all of you who truly surrendered your hearts to Me, My laborers, let your light and love shine forth!

Let My salt follow your foot steps and forget not that every one of them is ordered by Me, for a time such as this! As you shine in the gross darkness, as My pure love pours out from you, finally, many of the blind will finally see, Me, in and through you!

As they cry out unto My holy name to be saved, I will weep, with Joy!

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