My Precious Bride – Krystal Beall

Posted: October 19, 2018 in Bride of Jesus Instructions: An "Event" Approaches


I know where each of you are my loves… my precious bride. Some of you are in the bridal chamber awaiting my arrival filled with great anticipation and longing. You are busy sounding the shofar warning the people of my imminent arrival. You strive diligently to remain awake to keep your lamps filled with oil….though I know many of you are are my wise virgins and know that I will not Tarry for those who are waiting and longing for me. I am not a man that I would lie… Your garments are washed white as snow in my Holy Blood and pressed clean…. You are spotless before me …when I look upon you I am in amazement and awe and I am overcome with such love and joy and such a deep longing to come to you as much as you long for my arrival..I long to arrive even more… very soon our wedding is to commence sooner now than ever before. Be excited my loves for great is your reward in heaven. Your labor in the vineyard with the final Harvest has reaped much …Your sacrifices… tears …losses and persecution have reaped much. Through you I have reached many Souls who were lost to me and would never have otherwise come to me. It’s through my love manifested in you…and my words spoken through you I have drawn many of your wayward brothers and sisters back home. The gifts that I have prepared for all of my children are beyond measure….. they’re beyond any human comprehension. So Glorious…. wonderful ….beautiful are they. Great joy…elation you will feel… an overwhelming sense of bliss and excitement. .. and how I long to give them to you and I will and even more so… There’s so much that we will experience together. The Wedding Banquet is just our beginning to an eternity of our union .To my loves who are in Gethsemane with me in this hour…you too hold a very special place within me. Your desire and eagerness to stay awake with me in the final hour and console me during my agony is of more consolation to me than you will ever know. You too are awake and not falling asleep as my three disciples Peter….James and John… I originally took in with me did …For you know the hour is late and what is fast approaching and is here. Such sweet…tender… loving songs you sing to me… such tender…soothing touches you lavish upon me easing my festering wounds…as we comfort one another …. you too are highly rewarded in My Kingdom. I have a special place reserved inside of me for those who comfort me in my agony..For all who bear my cross with me… many of my loves want to hold me ….many of my loves want to see me…. many of my loves want to dance with me ….and you will… many more still want to hear my voice they feel separated and distant from me in this hour. I hear your cries beloveds… where are you Lord… I need to hear you….. I need to feel you I need to see you ….beloved be reassured I am not gone. I am not far…. I am with you…. never will I leave you or forsake you I am your first love I am your God trust in me alone and lean not on your own understanding do not take my silence as abandonment or rejection for I do great works and many miracles when I am silent…. as before a surprise party everyone is silent before the Great Joy breaks forth and the Party begins…. yes I am in intense pain at this time I am deeply grieved my tears are numerous many of my loves have had Visions where I am weeping blood or laying on Gethsemane’s soil..distraught..with severe grief and Agony to the point I have once again collapsed and though that is true…. I am Almighty and in complete control…. I am saddened by the condition of man and the many of my children who are blind and deaf in this hour… my heart mourns grievously for those who are lost to …me..I will show Mercy where I will.. I will pull many of my wayward children back to me… I know all of my children’s Hearts…

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