Hope from www.TheCalloftheBride.com. She is hearing specific words of encouragement and direction from Holy Spirit each night…meant to be pondered as in “Selah.” I have copied a sampling. (https://www.thecallofthebride.com/selah-words)

Posted: October 28, 2018 in Uncategorized


The world is full of lies

Men heaving to the right and left

Never getting anywhere

Focus on Me, all ye who are heavy laden

You will find rest and rescue My way



They’ll never find another hope than Me

Man and all his gimmicks are not to be trusted

Seek and ye shall find a treasure of enormous wealth

For I Am worth everything

I laid My life down for all

Trust Me



Who do you believe?

Choose today whom you will serve

Man or myth?

Or the solidness of God

God is True and Real

An ever present help in time of trouble

Do not look to the right or left

But give Me everything

Your whole heart

And you will live forever



Joy reverberates throughout the world

Peace on earth

Good will to men.

Keep Me in your heart

And love one another as I have loved you



What the world says of Me is useless

Does the world have a heart?

Can I judge it?

Yet I died for the world

And all those on the world

And I would do it all again



To Thine be the Kingdom

Power, and Glory

All else pales in comparison

You children, are coming Home

Sooner rather than later



You are as sheep to Me

I Am your Shepherd

And as My flock, I watch out for wolves

I see all but I love when you cry out for Me

I run to you,

Gather you up in My arms

And whisk you off to safety

You will NEVER be stolen from My flock!



Words are never enough

To show My love for you

My death however; says it all

I died that you might live

And live abundantly

Soon when we are together

We will live forever

Happily ever after


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