How to be free from a life of works –which ultimately do not lead to salvation — only the atonement freely offered through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s blood shed for you at Calvary will be sufficient. Hear this ex-Mormon’s testimony of being challenged to read the Bible through the eyes of a child and letting God do a deep work in reaching his soul held in bondage to religiousity instead of true son or daughter relationship.

Posted: November 18, 2018 in Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination, Books and Websites = Holy Spirit's Fire of Truth, Uncategorized

Let the beautiful, blessed scriptures of salvation he quotes reach deep down inside you. God is calling out for you to surrender to his son, Savior of the world, hope for mankind. God says our works without Jesus are like filthy rags to him. God’s love can’t be bought. He instead offers us a free gift through childlike faith that his Son is the way, the truth and the life. No one, not anyone, comes to the Father except through Jesus. Then once we accept this incredible, marvelous, stupendous gift, we want to thank him by leaving our old sinful natures, habits and filthy living behind and choose the narrow road of holiness. Giving of our lives to him in order to follow step-by-step where Holy Spirit leads to increase more and more towards true holiness and service out of love. Join God’s family today. Do not wait. Run towards the God who created you for love and fellowship.

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