(Thank you dear readers, all of you inquiring people from the many countries of the world that have been coming here the last four years as we all pursued God’s prophetic time clock and truth here together. I can think of no better 4-year anniversary of this blog, today, on our miraculous daughter’s 18th birthday, than if the whole world turned to God’s lamb who took away the sins of the earth. Mena offers a heartfelt prayer if you’re ready to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of your life.) – A Dedication Prayer for 2019 by Mena Lee Grebin

Posted: January 4, 2019 in JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!

2019 will be a rocky year, and the best place to be is under the shadow of the Almighty.

So whether you’ve strayed from the fold, or this is your first time joining, remember that Jesus Christ loves you, and there’s no sin too great, that the Blood of Christ cannot cover.

Dedication Prayer

Father, in the name of the Son Jesus Christ,
I come before you today,
Because I want to make a brand new start.

I have journeyed far too long away from you,
And I know it is time to come home.

I know that you suffered and died on the cross for me.

You died so that I can be reconciled unto the father;
And also so that I could have eternal life.

And so today, in 2019,
I come before you,
And ask that you forgive me for all of my sins.

Forgive me for every transgression,
and every iniquity that I’ve committed.

I ask that you wash me and cleanse me with your blood.

That though my sins be as scarlet,
I’m asking that you make me whiter than snow.

Blot out my transgressions, and purify my heart.

I give myself to you.

I ask that you take over my life and save me from myself,
From the hand of the enemy, and from hell.

I confess with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord and savior,
And I confess with my heart, that I belong to you.

From this day forward,
I will no longer seek after any other god,
And nothing will ever come between us again.

I will abide in you, so that you will abide in me,
And draw near to you, so you will draw near to me.

Today, I surrender my life to you,
So that not my will, but your will be done in my life.

I take this vow before you today.

All this I claim, in Jesus Christ’s mighty name,


Faithful Walk Healing Ministries

If you prayed this prayer, and are in need of a Bible, send a request to
and we will ship one to you for free.



Source: A Dedication Prayer for 2019

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