Posted: March 10, 2019 in Bride of Jesus Instructions: An "Event" Approaches


For the past several days I have been seeing a vision with the words ” GET READY”! But today I see those very words flashing! And was then given a word from the Lord this morning::::
The time has come that my warnings shall come forth! Many remain deaf to my warnings , but they will soon see the fulfillment of my words. My word continues to stand TRUE, but I have extended my mercy on this world to give everyone a chance to repent and seek me fully! That time has come to an end ,and all that I have given my servants that have truly sought me will come to pass. For my word never comes back void. The door has been shut to the ark of my safety. And now the consequences of choices must come to pass. Hold tight my children. STAND FIRM IN MY WORD! For I will never leave nor forsake those that have put their faith and trust in me! My love NEVER changes. The days are now numbered! Keep your eyes steadfast on me and I will be there to pull you through the intensity of the storms ahead!
Yeshua Hamasiach


Nahum 1:7 New King James Version (NKJV)


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