My House Is Desolate – Only A Grain of Sand 5/31/19

Posted: May 31, 2019 in False shepherds/pastors think they are above God's Judgments but they are mistaken
Only A Grain Of Sand
Haggai or Haggeus Chapter 1, Verses 6 & 9
6. “You have sowed much, and brought in little: you have eaten, but have not had enough: you have drunk, but have not been filled with drink: you have clothed yourselves, but have not been warmed: and he that hath earned wages, put them in a bag with holes.”
9. “You have looked for more, and behold it is less, and you have brought it home, and I blowed it away: why, saith the Lord of hosts? Because my house is desolate, and you make haste every man to his own house.”

My House is laid waste and you are transfixed with your tech toys and busy lives. My House is divided and you continue to squabble like dogs fighting over a bone. My House has been flayed, by unworthy pastors, ministers and priests, who have their own agenda: Money, Power, Glory, the World, the Flesh & the Devil.

My House Is DesolateIt is all a house of cards, you have built. I AM is not fooled. The Winds of Change, will come and blow your flimsy tents all away. You big-box churches, are built on sand, not the Rock of Ages.

A new generation of young ones, whose hearts and minds, are totally given over to the Lord God, will build Me a New House, after the storm comes, and sweeps you, and all your false houses away. Did you think I AM will let you carry on forever? As if I was busy somewhere else, or ignoring your many whoredoms? I AM has seen all, heard all, waited for all you human beings, to come to the truth. I AM finished waiting for a change of hearts. I AM mourning for all My lost Children, who will be lost forever in the lake of fire. Pray now, and always in My Holy Name.

Your Father Who Art In Heaven

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