2 Visions of coming meteor destruction to Salt Lake City, Utah, known as U.S.A.’s center of Mormonism. Jesus’s words to Sharlene (from Canada): “They have twisted the Word of God and their foundation is based on a lie.” I understood that He was referring to Mormonism. Let us all commit to pray for those who have placed their faith for salvation on a book besides the Bible, without the savior of the world, Jesus Christ. No matter how many adherents a new religion has, if one leaves the truth, revelation and prophecy from the 66 books of the Bible which define salvation’s narrow way, one will fail at heaven’s Judgement Seat when Christ says, “I never knew you.”

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(Carol’s note: My family moved to the Gold Rush-era communities of Sutter Creek, Plymouth and Jackson, California, from the San Francisco Bay Area when I entered Sutter Creek High School in 1975. I immediately lost my heart to a Mormon, dating him for 3 years. The Lord allowed this so I would have a bird’s-eye view into this religion for such a time as this. His family was very much against this match, and I would challenge its teachings, even then as a precursor to being the Watchwoman that God has called me to be for Him. I lost contact with him when my family moved with me to the Sacramento region, California’s state capitol, at the age of 17.  I researched his name online a few years ago and found that both he and his brother had died the same day at the ages of 30 and 21, decades ago. So tragic!)

Sharlene’s Vision #33 – Meteor Targets Salt Lake City pt 1


02/26/18 early evening

I was about to go down the stairs to the vision area and I looked to my left. I saw a veiled Altar of Incense with grey wisps of smoke rise from it. I knew that the smoke was from the prayers of the Believers. I went to the vision room area. I greeted my friend and we looked at the screen.

It opened to me sitting in a canoe seeing in that perspective. I was on a beautiful pristine lake, smooth like glass surrounded by mountains. It was breath taking. I heard a roar above me and I looked up to see a bright light and a row of thick smoke behind it. I knew immediately it was a meteor. I went up to follow it to see where it would go. It went over the mountains and it hit a city situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. The entire city was destroyed. I asked if this is a Canadian or an American city and I didn’t get a confirmation either way. But when I googled a city surrounded by mountains and was by a lake, Salt Lake City, Utah came up. I sensed that there is judgment coming to this city. I prayed for confirmation. I asked Jesus if this is the city in question and He replied “Yes.” Jesus mentioned that “They have twisted the Word of God and their foundation is based on a lie.” I understood that He was referring to Mormonism. 

Sharlene’s Vision #164 –  Meteor Targets Salt Lake City pt 2
06/01/19 Sat evening:  The meteor

I was enjoying my praise and worship in the Throne Room as I had my voice back.  It’s nice to be able to sing my heart to the Father at full strength. It’s also nice to know that heaven sings along. They seem to know all the songs!  I began my prayer as I always do. When I got to proclaiming Psalm 91, I left the mountain top in full armor with my eagle found myself watching someone driving on a motorbike down a lonely highway between small hills. There were larger hills and mountains in the immediate distance. I knew it was early evening and that he was heading west.  Then I was beside him on his left speaking truth into him as he was driving. He had a black helmet on.  I gave the reason for my hope and told him there was no place so deep that Jesus isn’t deeper still. I sang to him and told him the parable of the lost sheep. I went on to tell him that the burdens he carries are not meant for him to carry. Give them all to Jesus for He can carry them for you and heal the wounded hearts.  He suddenly pulled over to the side of the road and began to weep. That’s a good thing!  I prayed the prayer of blessing and the fruit of the spirit to fill him. Before I left, I saw a couple of angels ministering to him. A beautiful sight.

I returned to the Throne Room and the white bench area. I asked Jesus about the man on the motorbike. Jesus said that the man was spiritually running away and that he carried burdens of some kind of family issues. (of what, Jesus didn’t say) I prayed for this man for Jesus to keep him safe where ever he was going and to heal his heart.

I went down the stairs, greeted my group of six with much enthusiasm and walked to the screen area where the others are always gathered. We turned to look at the screen. It opened up to that same perspective with that man on his motorbike. I was seeing him from behind as he was possibly 300 meters down the road from me. He was driving alone on a highway heading west towards the larger hills and mountains. The mountain range was very close. I could see the peak of one already to my left at my 10 o’clock.

Suddenly a flash of light appeared above us to my left. I saw a meteor zoom pass us with a smokey trail behind it as it went over the mountains. It was heading west. I heard a big boom and another flash of light as I understood it had crashed. It had landed somewhere just beyond the mountains.

I understood it was destructive and hit a populated area. I have seen this meteor before in a previous vision. (#33) I asked Jesus if this is the same meteor and He replied “Yes.”

Jesus said: “It’s judgment on that city. They have twisted My Word; their foundation is a lie which has led the people astray.  Their day of great sorrow is coming. Repent!”  I would encourage the Believers to pray that the spirit of truth would pour over this city bringing it to conviction and repentance. The city in question is Salt Lake City, Utah.  

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