I AM making My army into Intrepid Warriors ~ by Priscilla Van Sutphin 6/10/19

Posted: June 10, 2019 in Fire-Torch Humans being prepared/refined by God!

God spoke this a few days ago:  Intrepid.”   Definition: characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance.

Then today He spoke: “I AM making My army into Intrepid Warriors.  Like Gideon they’ve been hiding in the wine press, but I will bring them out to face the days of darkness.

The fear that is there now will be eradicated by My tsunami of MY LOVE.  Nothing will stop Me in My quest to perfect My Bride.

Armies of angels are at the ready to deliver, to empower, to fill you with the Spirit of Might that you will be able to trample the forces of darkness arrayed against you.

I know the wait has been long, and that many have been beaten down by the enemy.  All the suffering has worked on your behalf, for a greater weight of glory that you will carry.

You will count it all joy as My Plan unfolds!

I AM not as you are.  My love is able to perfect all that is still not right in you.  Because of the increasing glory, many of you are aware of your sins in increasing measure and the enemy is trying to make you feel disqualified.

But I have not disqualified you!  I AM the Glory and the Lifter of your head!  I AM Akal Esh,  I AM the All Consuming Fire, and the Light of the World!

There is nothing that can stop MY PLAN! Rivers and rivers of glory will flow upon the earth like waves of the sea.

So even as the seas roar and the floods lift themselves up, will I raise up an army of fearless ones who will not back down in the battle.

And alongside of them will be my heavenly army empowering and destroying everything in their path that tries to hinder what I want!

I will not be thwarted in my efforts because I AM the Mighty One!  I AM an all Consuming Fire!

Some will even feel the fire burning their flesh as a manifestation of the Spirit of Burning!  Peoples eyes will be opened to the things they’ve been entertaining, to the beings they have been blind to, that have deceived their minds!

I will rend the veil that has been over the earth!”

“And He will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations,”   Isaiah 25:7.

“The idols of generations will be destroyed!  The demonic entities behind them will be routed!  The earth has been in travail and will continue till all is accomplished!

Do not be dismayed I want you to be strong, because it will not be easy to see people suffer, to see the losses of life.

So many have already made their choices but there are yet souls to be harvested.  Many elect are in the waiting — way more than what has been prophesied by some, for their vision was too small.

Speak up and do not hold your peace till I make Jerusalem a praise in the earth!  For all is arrayed against her and all who stand with her.

But I AM arising with healing in My wings in the whole earth!  There will be no more competition in the House of The LORD!

There will be NO MORE STRIVING because there will be clarity of vision as I pour out My Spirit upon all flesh and you’ll see what your hearts have longed to see!

My Glory will arrest the enemy in the lives of your children and grandchildren!

You cannot imagine all the help I have for you in this hour for I have saved the best wine for last!  I have an innumerable host of heavenly armies to assist you in all that is needed!

I have angels this world has not even seen yet!  Do not give into any condemnation from the enemies forces!

Know that I love you with an unending and immeasurable love that will last throughout eternity and there is nothing that can snatch you out of My hands!”

Source: Intrepid Warriors ~ by Priscilla Van Sutphin

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