(Carol’s note: The first line of this prophecy from the classic hymn about the rock and shifting sand is the EXACT song going through my spirit this morning. I have been humming it to myself before I read this on 7/14/19.) Read: The Shaking – Danita D. Arnett, 4/3/18

Posted: July 14, 2019 in Earthquake revelation dreams

A great shaking is coming upon the land And only that founded on the Rock will stand For all else is sinking sand. So seek Me while I can be found. Root yourself on solid ground. For without holiness you will not see Me. Do not allow yourself to be deceived. Times are dark, but My Light shines bright
To those who seek me both day and night. Lukewarmness can’t be found Standing on My Holy Ground! For it is a stench to Me And those I will not see.

So gird up your loins and pick up your sword. You are heading for darkness and wars. Only those rooted and grounded in Me Will withstand the coming catastrophes. I have warned. I have shouted! But My people remain content and coddled. The way is narrow; there’s only a few. Rise up and be counted in those I choose. For the land is divided
And My sword shall fall. When I Am finished only My chosen will remain standing tall. For their feet, they have planted On the Rock to stand. All others will be On sinking sand.

Wake up I say ! Wake up today! My judgements are coming And I have warned. Open your eyes, Run into My arms!

Source: The Shaking – Danita D. Arnett

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