I see your pain – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7), 7/22/19

Posted: July 22, 2019 in Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Chosen

Children, I see your pain, I see your suffering. I see your affliction. Many carry a heavy burden as they labor for the Kingdom. You are not forgotten or overlooked. Your reward will be great. Doubled for the sacrifices you have made. You are an example to others You love and help your neighbor, always putting others needs before your own. You are a bright shining light in a cruel dark world. Man will not extinguish your flame or hide it. Soon I will call you to me , there will be no more pain or tears. Take comfort in my WORDS and know and understand how much you are loved. While many follow after their own lusts, you have stayed the course on the difficult narrow path which leads to eternal life. I will tell you well done my loyal servant. Know I am right beside you in the darkness. I love you dearly. The things of the earth will soon pass away and all that will remain is THE GLORIOUS KINGDOM .

Source: I see your pain – Barbara Francis

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