“There is such a huge wave coming, so few will believe.” – Sandra Hide, 8/2/19 -| Z3 News

Posted: August 3, 2019 in Bride of Jesus Instructions: An "Event" Approaches, Sanctified to carry God's Glory to the lost = modern Esther's 4:14

On August 1st, just after midnight, I had a dream that I feel was very significant. I had walked into the fifth floor of an office building in a big open room with several stations or desks, like checking into a registration area of a healthcare clinic. The whole area was decorated in yellow-orangish décor, which seemed a bit much.

My sister, who is a Christian, was working at one of the desks, so I walked across the room to talk to her. Here and there about the room, I recognized Christians that I had known over the years, some in the past, some present. I asked my sister about the possibility of me coming to work there, and she said that would be no problem. As we were talking, I started having a vision where I could see through the wall of the building to the east. I saw huge white cumulus clouds that had formed over the entire horizon. They were so big and bright white. As I looked suddenly, a huge white wave started coming out from the top of the clouds and it crashed over the front of the clouds. I knew it was coming in our direction.

Without explaining anything, I told people all over the office, “Follow me.” Many of them just dropped what they were doing and started following me. As fast as we could go, I quickly led them down a long hall to the back of the building. We were almost running because I knew that would give us the most time to prepare for the wave when it came.

I encouraged them all to get in a position ready to jump because when we got to the farthest room at the back of the building, the floor just stopped and there was only sky and clouds past the edge of the floor. I knew that the only way to survive the wave that was coming was to jump when it came, jump with it. At first, most of the people that had followed me got in position and tried to get to the edge of the floor so they would be ready to jump when the wave came. After waiting what seemed to be a few minutes, some of them started to feel that it was silly because nothing was happening. Some even started getting irritated and some were mocking me and what I was doing.

I was still positioned to jump at the edge of the floor because I knew the wave would be coming down the hall soon. After another short while, some of them started to quietly go back to work and some even looked at me with disgust or disdain. Others left because they were just too tired to keep on waiting. I remained positioned to jump because I knew the wave was coming, even though it was taking longer than I thought it would, and I was thinking, “No, (don’t just go back to work) the wave IS coming, and we need to be READY!”

I woke up with a strong anointing and shaking. Then, the Lord said,

“There is such a huge wave coming, so few will believe. They’ve been watching and waiting, but it was taking too long and they got busy again. Now, it’s coming in the distance, it is coming. Keep trusting, keep believing, keep readying. In an instant, when you don’t know if it will, THEN, it will come. It will come! Be ready! Be watching! Be waiting!”

I believe the huge white clouds I saw were glory clouds, representing the glory of God, which is coming like a huge wave, a glory wave. I felt the yellow-orange décor of the office room could have been warning colors, like vehicles with orange lights on them, or stop lights, warning colors. So the dream is a warning to stay ready and in position for the coming wave. The fifth floor might have represented God’s grace.

Source: “There is such a huge wave coming, so few will believe.” | Z3 News

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