I AM speaking plainly to you. You are my beloved children. Many will perish. My eyes roam the earth day and night. Nothing is hidden from me. I see all. I AM ALL KNOWING. I see you wallowing in sin, then I see you stand in your temples praying and singing loudly. Hypocrites! Not realizing I SAW YOUR NIGHT OF ADULTERY, FORNICATION AND SODOMY. Hypocrites! Still unrepentant. Mockers of my rules, my commandments and statutes. You believe they don’t apply to YOU, because of your pride and arrogance. Others will perish, you say in your heart not me. I have prophesied in your name. I help the poor and needy. I help the widow. I will tell you “I NEVER KNEW YOU” WHEN YOU STAND BEFORE ME. This is why I speak plainly today. Your comfortable life ends soon because you put your trust and faith in the WORLD, NOT I AM. Change your heart and amend your ways and your doings. REPENT! I COME QUICKLY AND BRING MY REWARD!

(God’s plain Biblical warning from Matthew 7:21-23 – Remember God reads your heart’s attitude toward Him and your obedience. Choose holiness and not worldliness.)

“NOT EVERYONE WHO CALLS ME THEIR LORD WILL GET INTO HEAVEN. ONLY THE ONES WHO OBEY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN WILL GET IN. On the day of judgment, many will call me their Lord. They will say, ‘We preached in your name, we forced out demons and worked many miracles. But I will tell them, “I will have nothing to do with you! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT, YOU EVIL PEOPLE!”

Source: REPENT – Barbara Francis

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