“TOUCHING THE UNCLEAN THING” – Celestial, August 25, 2019

Posted: August 29, 2019 in Be humble! Repent & change your stubborn unrepentant hardened heart. Pure in heart will see God!, Purging unholy items choices habits alliances

Godly warnings to PURGE that which is UNHOLY in His holy sight. Don’t give items away for others. Throw them away quickly. This world should not hold onto you more than your righteous love for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I worked on this in my own life all summer. So much Egypt (idolatry)), mermaids (sexual sirens of the sea), pirates (culture of plunder and death), Halloween (unholy creatures with satanic underpnnings) , Day of the Dead (cemeteries, skeletons, necromancy and death), Santa (replacement figure for Christ/greed/lies to children) fabric went right into the garbage. I have been sewing for 30 years you see. First teaching jumpers (65 of them) then pillows to cheer others up. I just followed right along the path of worldliness with so many others until Holy Spirit gently prodded me to really think these items through. Did they contribute to holiness, righteousness, pureness, truth? No, I realized, and it all had to go…along with decorations, children’s books with magic and Halloween, etc. Reselling them would just add to someone else’s unrighteousness and then I would have to answer to God for that. I do not want to grieve Holy Spirit. I repented of even buying it in the first place, and then decorating, reading or selling it in the 2nd place. You will feel joy at your newfound spiritual cleanliness and relief that tainted gateway permission items are gone.

The Master's Voice


I had this dream 4:40a.m., August 25, 2019. It unsettled me because the witchcraft in it was tangible. I knew God was showing me why His people are in bondage- it’s what they allow into their lives. It’s what they go after and hold on to (ignorantly or stubbornly) that brings chains and allows satan’s wicked works to afflict them with poverty, sickness, limitations, demonic activity or even death. If anyone reads this and doesn’t immediately evaluate what’s in their homes- on the shelf, or tucked away in long forgotten boxes in the garage, long-forgotten things that are still emitting demonic power like radio waves into your home… well.. Don’t say you never heard it before. God wants us teachable and without hard hearts- the time for holding on to the toys of satan is OVER. It’s time to separate and be accountable to God alone.

Dream: I saw a…

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