Ruach! A New Thing is Coming! ~ by Sandi Holman, 10/8/19

Posted: October 8, 2019 in Chosen, God Gates and God Portals Arise: Powerful Move of Holy Spirit

‘RUACH!  A New Thing is Coming…..’ God!

Beloved, the Word of God says there is safety in a multitude of counselors and that is a real safety net in this time of much change.

Proverbs 11:14“In a multitude of counselors there is safety….”

Take this to heart as the healing of the land is taking place.

“People lose their way without wise leadership, but a nation succeeds and stands in victory when it has many good counselors to guide it,”   Proverbs 11:14 (TPT).

“But I say to you specifically, “Be still and know that I AM God and My Word to you is urgent and My Counsel is the WISDOM.

You must have in preparation for your next step, and the requirements needed are unique for each assignment.

My relationship with you will deepen and you shall receive an expanded understand of my ways in this New Year that once was too complex for you to embrace.

I have truly provided a bridge over the troubled waters that will connect you to the place of safety and bring you to your destined end time journey, an unexpected unprecedented sudden surprise of My Grace.

Ask of Me what your assignment requires and listen as I reveal the magnitude of what you are seeing in this new day.

I AM tearing down the fear of man structure that has clouded the vision of My People” says The LORD,  “and a mighty force of My Power is releasing The Fear of The LORD that will sweep away the pride and deception and clothe My People in humility of heart.”

A few weeks ago, I hear almost audibly the word RUACH, and I felt a trembling in my whole body and then the voice of the Father spoke softly to me, “I AM come as a mighty strong wind to drive out the spirit of death at work in My People and I AM once again breathing into you a fresh breath of my life that will bring an AWAKENING like never before.

For I AM the Transformer and the Lightning Rod that shall govern the storm and bring peace and tranquility as I call My People forth into newness of Life even I did for Lazurus in times of old.”

In the coming days, you will truly look back and see this was a time and season where the wisdom and alignment of The LORD was in everything that transpired to bring you to a deep and inner strength needed for such a time as this.

This has taken place by the hand of God.  He is the Master Builder in the hidden places of your heart during times of intimacy in the secret place.

He is revealing Himself in a special move as The LORD of Glory and the creator of all things NEW.


Source: Ruach! A New Thing is Coming! ~ by Sandi Holman

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