Daughter, speak to Gog and Magog. I denounce you, says the LORD. I know you and your ways. I know your Father. War is coming! Right now you make plans to attack my chosen people and their allies. You come from the North. Your plan is to render my people helpless. Gog, I am God of the heavens, God of the humble and contrite. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Children, I have sent Messengers and Prophets to warn you what is coming in these latter days. I will protect my Israel and bless those that bless Israel. My Prophet Ezekiel has been shown these things and has been given wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the last days’ events. Read his account and prepare to see scripture fulfilled before your eyes. War is coming. I will continue to cleanse the people and the land as I have been doing. The shofar is blowing. Behold I come quickly.

Source: Gog and Magog – Barbara Francis

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