(On the day before, Hope at www.thecallofthebride hears the Holy Spirit say, “My Bride will be first responders.”) Then comes this word: First Responders! Step Up! ~ by Sandi Holman, 12/10/19

Posted: December 10, 2019 in Sanctified to carry God's Glory to the lost = modern Esther's 4:14, Warrior Bride of Jesus: Instructions, Watch always. "Keep your lamp full of oil and wick trimmed."

The LORD is gathering together those in His army who are always “on call” no matter what!

He is saying, “I AM calling you by name.  You are known in heaven as First Responders, and in this season, you will experience a heightened awareness of the five senses as your seer gift is being more highly developed.

You are receiving an expanded vision of reaching those that others have cast aside and you shall carry an anointing for miracles because of your gift of faith.

You shall soon hear in your spirit, “next up” and know that it is time to run with the vision.  You have been challenged and you have been tested, you have suffered much.

You shall see yourself as my radiant remnant warrior bride, dressed in new array for this upcoming era when Victory in Jesus shall be the song that rises to the hit parade on the hearts of mankind as they witness the results of the past season of preparation.”

Six months ago The LORD gave me a Word about June being the tipping point of 2019.

Here is an excerpt from that June 2019 HKP post: “June—the Bridal Month—Is a Tipping Point for 2019!” 

It was the preparation proclamation so to speak of what I am sharing today.

“Just as The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the 3 in 1… and they work together, so is your location, position, and connection working out every detail of His plan for your purpose and destiny.  It seems that a three fold cord is very much at work for strength, stability and fulfillment.  In a vision, I saw a picture of the letter ‘T’ and I heard the words: Trust, Transition and Transfer.  These three are working all things together for good as location, positions and connections are put into place for purpose and destiny fulfillment.

He is saying,  “Think Tipping Point, as you think trust, transition and transfer.

For this three-fold cord is working on your behalf, as June is the month of tipping point for 2019.

The bowl of blessings is being poured out, overturning and turning over all things for good.

The bride is being made ready to be carried over the threshold of new beginnings and new births.

God gives us purpose and we carry out His plan by His direction.  We in turn are fulfilling our destiny by His design.”

“Your challenges have forged courage in your spirit.  You suffering has developed the strength that only long suffering provides as it has allowed patience to have her perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing.

Indeed, you being conformed to His death shall release the power of His resurrection.

Your gift of faith has taught you how to live above the circumstances with greater expectancy, and has driven out all of the deceptive lies sent by the spirit of fear.

Your heart is being so filled with Calvary love to go forth as HIS fragrance that eradicates the spirit of death at work in those captured by every form of fear.

So freedom shall be released as perfect love casts out fear.  Even with the backlashes and new battles that were brought forth in the past shift as separation began to purify hearts, My Light present in you shall dispel all the darkness as you are walking in the depths and heights of My Purpose.

Know this, the shift has elevated your position and new networks and connections for unity and agreement are now on your grid.”

New gates of access that have previously been shut off are being opened as we exit 2019 well leaving the past behind us.

We are presently gearing up for an unprecedented move of God.  Angelic activity shall become a recognizable everyday occurrences as divine connections are actually heavenly setups to coordinate the plans of the Father for His Kingdom to come.

Suddenly we shall find ourselves at the right place at the right time doing the right thing to bring forth our desired results.  The desire in our hearts is being performed as we are willing and obedient to the call of God.

Though there are many adversaries, the holy boldness and deep courage of a lion shall bring a loud roar as acceleration and activation are moving many mighty warriors set for battle and victory.

This is a pivotal time as we come out of a this time of preparation where we have practiced our gift as we were being perfected and tested for an end time harvest like none ever.  Our gift shall make a place for us as we are being fitly joined together.

The long awaited promises you have held onto are soon becoming dreams come true but they will be in a greater dimension than you perceived in the beginning….. the greater the faith the bigger the prize.

Prophetic dreams are increasing and favor for entrepreneurial ventures is surrounding those who step out through the double doors of opportunity in 2020.

Go forth intentionally and leave a legacy of living faith, love and hope.

The manifestation of multiplication shall be seen in breakthroughs for health and wealth in the approaching new era as the new year begins.

Joy shall break forth as the celebration of Jesus birth arrives and it shall be released in such unprecedented abundance that it leaves a deep lasting effect on the hearts of many who have lost the joy of their salvation.

As you press through the newness with tenacity, it is important to continue to leave a trail of kindness on every path you trod for that shall be a preview of what those whose hope has been deferred shall receive in this revolutionary time of restoration and healing and overflowing provision of promises and wealth.


Source: First Responders! Step Up! ~ by Sandi Holman

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