Images (Poem) – Ruth Johnson, 12/16/19

Posted: December 19, 2019 in Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus

Please, my Lord, I beg of You, Grant me eyes to see And ears to hear.

Let me never doubt your voice,
Let me never turn a dull ear.
When I close my eyes at night
And the visions passing by
May they all be sent by You
Along with the dreams, by and by.
I love You, I long to see You
With the eyes of my heart
I want to hear You tell me
We will never be apart
I know You will hold me
Through the coming storm,
With my heart safely stowed
In You, I will come to no harm.
I long to hear You, Lord,
Whisper through the trees,
Thunder through the valleys,
In the buzzing of the bees.
The wind softly blowing,
May it whisper my name,
May I hear Your Voice
Telling me, no shame.
I await Your Presence
Even though You are always near,
I await the moments
When You Whisper in my ear.
There is much distraction
In this world promoting fear,
Deceptions and illusions
Plague the ones dwelling here.
But I have separated
Myself from the world,
And eagerly anticipate
The New World in store.
The righteous shall dwell there,
The elect shall own it,
Jesus Will Rule it,
And Our Father Will Susain It.
We already rejoice
For the Promise to come
They are Always Fulfilled
By Our Father and His Son.
If we run to Them
With no hesitation,
They Will take us In
Without reservations.
So, my Lord, help me to hear You,
I want to know what to do
For You.
I am Your daughter,
Your faithful servant,
And I long to learn how to talk
With You,
Day and night, work and rest,
I long to hear Your Words.
Your Words Are the Best
At dispelling false images,
And Giving us some Rest.
I love You, my Lord,
And Your Precious Son,
By Him I send this to You,

Source: Images – Ruth Johnson

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