Consider Sponsoring a child in poverty in 2020 and begin a relationship with a child who is praying for you to find them! Read this Good News Stories blog and see how you can find a need and fill it, in Jesus’ name! (Carol’s note: My first sponsored child lives in Haiti — with Food for the Hungry — and others are in Africa with Compassion. I found all but 1 of them in 2019 with God’s leading and they help push back the darkness with love.)

Posted: December 25, 2019 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Faith in action: SPONSOR A CHILD TO BREAK CYCLE OF POVERTY

Are you ready for some good-news stories as we celebrate the ultimate Good News of Jesus’ birth? The news headlines can get us down, but so many acts of kindness and inspirational stories are unfolding each day. You won’t want to miss these beautiful snapshots of the amazing work God is doing through sponsors and the local church around the world. Here are 25 good-news stories from each country where Compassion serves. Watch a video at the end of this article for a highlight of the year!

These feel-good stories will make you smile, praise God and shout, “Amen!”

Jump to:Africa:Burkina Faso | Ethiopia | Ghana | Kenya | Rwanda | Tanzania | Togo | UgandaAsia:Bangladesh | Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Sri Lanka Central America and the Caribbean: Dominican Republic | El Salvador | Guatemala | Haiti | Honduras | Mexico | Nicaragua South America: Bolivia | BrazilColombiaEcuador | Peru

We praise God for all He did through His people around the world in 2019! Enjoy this video with a few highlights from 2019.

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