“If They Will Give Me Their YES — I Will Do the Rest!” ~ by Veronika West 12/31/19 (Directions from our God for a new decade 2020 and beyond.)

Posted: December 31, 2019 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Chosen

I heard The Spirit of God say this to me today.

“Daughter, there are many in My Body who have already begun to sense and carry a tangible weightiness of My Glory that has been poured out upon the year ahead.

For the year 2020 will be a year of a greater manifestation and kingdom acceleration.

But watch and pray for My Church, as some have begun to feel overwhelmed and even ill equipped to face the days ahead.

Listen!  Do you hear it?  The subtle whispers of the enemy has penetrated the atmosphere.

Spirits of fear, insecurity, inadequacy and condemnation have already gone ahead to hinder, derail and delay many from stepping into the deeper realms and dimensions of my glory and wonder.

Daughter, tell My People to arise and begin to resist the voices of the familiar spirits that have been assigned to destroy their Kingdom Identity, Purpose and Destiny.

Tell My mighty Warriors to be of good courage and if they will give me their “yes” I will do the rest.

I will show them that I AM that I AM.  I will demonstrate My Power and My Majesty in the midst of their radical obedience, sacrifice and total surrender, yes!

For I have chosen, anointed and appointed them for Kingdom advancement in the earth, for such a time as this….” says The Spirit of God.

Source: If They Will Give Me Their YES — I Will Do the Rest! ~ by Veronika West

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