Shattering Resistance to Your Forward Progress – Fresh Oil Releases – 1/27/2020

Posted: January 27, 2020 in Supernatural Manifestations of God: End Time Warriors

(Prise God for the release of His Remnant from being hindered and delayed!)

Fresh Oil Releases


I would like to share an unfolding vision I was shown today. It applies both to individuals and to the onward movement of the Bride of Christ at present. I saw a highway out of a city; it had huge heaps of earth piled onto the road so that people could not leave the city. It was very similar to a picture I saw of the blockades the Chinese government have set up around the quarantined cities. Then I saw a huge yellow bulldozer come and start moving the heaps of earth out of the way, thus removing the blockage set up to prevent the person leaving the place where they are positioned at this time. This could be a physical location or a spiritual point on the map you are traveling. Then I saw that all along the highway to the destination where the person was appointed to go…

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