Perfect: I have a fail-proof plan for My own, and in this truth you must place your faith. – 278pikelk – 02/03/2020

Posted: February 4, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Uncategorized
PERFECT – 02/03/20  278pikelk

My Daughter: Write My words for those with ears to hear. It is by my perfect and great love for my creation that I continue in my long-suffering. This is so that many will not perish but come to perfect understanding of my perfect plan of eternal salvation. My entire creation is loved by me, otherwise I would have not put in place my perfect plan. As the birth pains continue in more rapid succession and grow in scope, more and more of my children will realize the emptiness of this world and begin seeking My truth. As hearts are exposed to the trials and tribulations of MY final days there will be no place else to turn to receive comfort but for their Creator.   My long-suffering is My Mercy put into action. I will supply all that is needed for My own during these times of trial. The joy of My perfect salvation will be boldly expressed through the hearts of those who have already discovered it. My own will shine in a new light reflecting MY glory towards the lost and the suffering world around them. I have a fail-proof plan for My own, and in this truth you must place your faith. Rest in this for you cannot be defeated when you operate in My perfect power.  There are many parts to My body. Some of these parts will be used sooner than later. Others will remain at rest for a time until My perfect plan calls upon them. Some of these know their calling already while others wait patiently upon Me to lead them when their time comes. I will use all of My children that carry me in their hearts, by the power of My Holy Spirit, in one form or another, to help grow my harvest, sustain it, and reap it. Do not be dismayed if you have yet to feel my calling upon you, for it will come over you in my perfect timing. Allow this time now for hardened hearts to be softened. This will be a time where I infiltrate the plans of the enemy and steal back from him what he has temporarily stolen from Me.  Remain in my secret place now, my loves, safely tucked under My wing. Refrain from following the ways of this world even though you are being constantly beckoned. I Am your Peace. I Am your Joy. I Am your Comfort. My love for you knows zero bounds. I created you to love you. Live now under my great wing of protection knowing that you are immune to the evils of this fallen world . Put your full faith in me. If ever a thought or worry comes upon you lay it at my feet. For I give My own the perfect promise of living in My wholeness. Free from fear, free from anxiety, free from worry. Continue to watch for my signs, but know in your hearts that no matter what you see you are safe. Continually bask in my promises and you will easily receive my comfort. Continue to let my glory shine through you, my loves. However my plan unfolds, be assured, it is sovereign. It is perfect. It is unstoppable I love you my children. Your merciful Savior who loves you beyond your comprehension. Jesus Christ/ Yeshua Ha’mashiach

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