Do not fear, for I AM WITH YOU – Melinda Goss, 3/2/2020

Posted: March 3, 2020 in Fear is NOT an option for God's remnant. Be bold in faith!, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!

This was a truly profound experience and message. As I sat in praise and prayer I saw Our Lord and He sat in front of me and He began to write, line by line sliding it over so that I could see it and copy what He had written. The following message was given today March 2nd, 2020. ALL GLORY TO OUR KING.

Tell them do not be afraid.
The sun, moon and stars obey MY command.
All set in place by ME.
The wind in the seas, obey MY command.
NOTHING moves without MY instruction.
So shall it be for MY people.
They know MY voice and obey MY commands.
Do not fear, do not be afraid, for I AM WITH YOU.
Chosen and set apart for such a time as this.
MY chosen ones.
A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. You did not choose ME,
I CHOSE YOU to help lead MY lost sheep home.
You have no idea how brightly you shine.


Source: Do not fear, for I AM WITH YOU – Melinda Goss

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