He is Releasing His Burning Ones ~ by Sandi Holman, 7/2/2020

Posted: July 4, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Fire-Torch Humans being prepared/refined by God!, Hope in God as your shield from the enemy

Says The LORD,

“I AM Releasing My Burning Ones!”

In the last few days during special moments with The LORD, He began to touch my heart with the weariness so many are feeling as we move into Independence Day.

He is prompting me to say, “As you lean into Me, it shall be a time of reinforcing your most holy faith in tomorrow and total dependence on Me Alone.

You have been contending with daily challenges that have only seemed overwhelming.  Your walk has not been easy in this past season, but you are being catapulted into a new level of trust and true realization that all of Heaven is cheering for you.

Take no thought for tomorrow for tomorrow will be the continuance of fullness of purpose.  Learning to lean into Me precedes learning to lean on Me.

You need both in order to lean not to your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Me as I direct your path,” says The LORD.

Fullness of time indicates full bloom.  They are the same in that when the fullness of time is here, that which has been planted, watered and nurtured will come into full bloom.

Many seeds are beginning to accelerate and come into full bloom and bear much fruit in this season and that fruit will remain.

The LORD has been showing me that many who will read this have been a forerunners for decades.  He is sending a message that they need during this time when they are feeling totally stagnant.

He has many new connects planted for you that will be coming alongside of you and it will seem like the rescue team has arrived to resuscitate you.

The LORD is saying, “Relax, take a deep breath and know that you are being reinforced and strengthened as you rest in Me.

Reach out now and take My Hand for you are at a point of new spiritual discovery of things in My Word that you have yet to see but have only dreamed of. 

I say they shall spring forth suddenly as you yield to the moving of My Spirit and forget all the traditions of the past.  Nothing shall stop the bursting forth of the Joy that awaits you in the months ahead,” says The LORD.

Remember, God won’t use what you lost last season in this season, He wants to use what you have left.  So enter in to this new day with full expectancy and don’t keep telling Him what you don’t have.

LACK has no place in you.  The LORD is your Shepherd.  So know that it is time to clear the air of all pollution and take a deep breath of the very Life of God that will sustain you as you climb to greater heights with Him.

As you rise up above the negative clamor of the world, the peace that passes all understanding will take over your mind and emotions and you will speak with The LORD — spirit to spirit.

NOW IS THE HOUR when we are set apart with a new direction.  He is lifting us up higher to see from HIS vantage point and have the advantage.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but MIGHTY to the pulling down of strongholds.  He would have us get HIS perspective, then we can clearly see the objectives.

Without HIS perspective, we are just beating the air, going nowhere.  He will point out the obstacles that need to come down so that PURPOSE will become crystal clear, PROGRESS will spring forth quickly and clarity of vision will be written upon our hearts.

“I made you in My Image, and I hid Heaven in your hearts.  Indeed I have My Hand prints upon you.  You are marked by Me as My Representative.  You are an Ambassador of Hope,” says the Father.

“Even as darkness continues, the brightness of My Light will dispel the darkness for all who Arise and move forward onto the Path of Life.

The Flame of My Love has sustained all who have foregone fiery trials and it shall ignite afresh the burned out ones.

As you are ignited, you will be united with others who will go forth and light their world.  Each ignited one will carry the glow of My Presence into the dark places.

My fresh Fire shall begin to spread like wildfire to those in My Kingdom.

I AM releasing My Burning Ones.  They are carrying My Heart and the light of My Glory.

I AM taking you beyond the mundane into the ordained.  This very hour of deception shall become your hour of deep perception.  Indeed, My Mighty Warrior Bride shall walk with heads held high and display My Power in this hour.”

Source: He is Releasing His Burning Ones ~ by Sandi Holman

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