I Will Revive, Restore, Renew ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke, 7/6/2020

Posted: July 6, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Chosen

“Don’t say that the days of miracles are over, and the good old days are better than what lies ahead,” says The LORD.

“That is not true!  I will revive!  I will restore!  I will renew!  I will pour out miracles, signs and wonders, and do great and mighty things in the midst of you!

“I AM not a has been GOD that used to do great things!  I have not changed!  What I did in the past, I will do again, and I will put Myself on display as the HIGHEST, and revival fires will fall, says The LORD.

“I will not be barren of children,” says The LORD.

“I came to bring life and light, and to expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  I did not give up on My Church.  I did not abandon My Work.  I will replenish you in My presence and give you unspeakable gifts.

“I will restore My Glory in My Church and People.  My voice will be heard.  My SPIRIT will move, and there will be new life.

“My Church will be glorious, and I will be glorified in My people who are the called-out, chosen, and elect that will be empowered to bring in the harvest that will be GREAT,” says The LORD.


Source: I Will Revive, Restore, Renew ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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