A personal change of Focus: What in the World is Going on? Technology, Genetics, Mind-control, Mass-media, Money contrasted with God’s Greater Kingdom Plan ~ by Ron McGatlin, 7/10/2020

Posted: July 11, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, a dreadful day indeed when all that is holy and good is considered evil, Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus

This first part of this article will be the last word of warning that I will write regarding an immediate apocalyptic cataclysmic scheme to destroy The Rule of God and His People on earth.

After this, I am led to speak only of the provisions of God for endurance for those who will remain, and the joyful transition of those who are taken to Heaven, and above all the imminent final victory of The Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

The first part of this article that I am about to write here is NOT prophetic, but rather it is observation, discernment, and wisdom based upon retrievable facts regarding the people and the nations of the world historically and in this immediate season.

After this word of observing, understanding, and wisdom, I intend to prophetically write only regarding the revelation of The Spirit and the written Word of God when referring to this season.

If you truly would rather not know more about the exposed plan of the enemy today, skip the first part of this article and scroll down to : God has a different plan, and we get to be a part of bringing in God’s Plan!

What on Earth is Going on?

On a scale never before seen in this world the most comprehensive scheme of the enemy is making great strides in taking over the rule of the world.

This is not a future thing; it is now taking place in the world.  It is not just off someplace else in some other nation or some other time, it is where you live now.

This is not a conspiracy theory or some wild action-movie plot.  This is a devious plot from the spirit realm of darkness that has been prevalent in different “notable men” over the past two thousand years of history.

Among the elite linage of intelligent men and women who chose to deny God in Christ Jesus, there is a surprising number who have come to some similar conclusions about the population of this world.

The first conclusion is that the world population needs to be controlled to prevent over population.  The second is that the quality of human beings should be upgraded.

Eugenics, euthanasia, forced sterilization, abortion, and birth control are some of the tools employed in an attempt to make a better people existing in better living conditions.

Of course, there are glaring major problems with this, not the least of which is that man is not God.  Even the most elite do not have the wisdom to determine who should be reproduced and who should be eliminated and how, it should be done.

All of the so-called ‘elite persons’ of whom we speak tend to conclude that those like themselves are the first category to be included.

Since these elite leaders choose to deny God, and because they are ultimately inspired of the devil, the first people determined to be eliminated are usually the people of God (Jews and Christians) and secondly the poor or less productive people including the old and impaired.

Technology, Genetics, Mind-control, Mass-media, Money

The elite today are the most intelligent, most wealthy, most influential people of modern history.  Like their predecessors throughout history, they do not truly honor God in Christ Jesus and see themselves as the elite with the power to control the population of the world to make it a better world.

Their collective strength is such that they can gather the brightest and greatest minds to assist and serve their collective plans.  Governmental leaders are bought and used to deploy their high plans of order for the world.

These are real people with so much collective power that they can directly influence and control the mass media and educational systems that mold the minds of the people that lead the nations.

The science of mind crafting and mind control has reached new heights of knowledge and techniques in molding and shaping human understanding to fit into their plans.

The plans and works are so evil that it is very hard to even believe that these devilish schemes are even reasonable to consider.

In human beings this extreme evil would not naturally happen.  These are schemes and plans from the evil darkness of the devil.

Even more powerful is the recently discovered ability through bio-genetics to alter the emotions and the personality of the people through injections.

In addition, artificial intelligence makes it now possible to know and track every person in detail to affect their “well-being” and personal privileges to function in culture and business.

Systems are now gathering data for this type function and are now operating at some level in the world.

Also, through bio-engineering new viruses are modified and planned to be released upon the masses to bring down all other powers and prepare the people to submit.

This functioning plan of Satan working through deceived elites and duped people is to take over America and the world by bringing America down this year and into utter chaos by early 2021.

The “New World Order” or “One World Government” is planned to be the final result and make a better world of equal distribution of wealth and peace among all people.

This plan is a satanic counterfeit copy or replacement of the real plan of God.  The one world counterfeit kingdom is based on external control by the elite humanistic structure controlling the details of every person’s life.

Militant force and withholding the necessities of life will cause submission or death for everyone.  Ultimately, this is a life of bondage and servitude to the powers of darkness.

This plan of Satan is to replace or prevent the true plan of God from coming forth within and among the people.

The people doing these things are deceived and are truly made to believe that they are doing good for the world.

People are not the enemy.  They all need Jesus.  They all need to be touched by real love and goodness. They need to know the peace and joy of God’s righteousness and pure holy love.

God has a different plan, and we get to be a part of bringing in God’s Plan!

God’s Greater Kingdom Plan

God’s plan that is now coming about in this world and in this time is the reality of The Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven coming forth through Christ Jesus by The Holy Spirit of God in and through His Body, the people of God on earth.

The real Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God is now forming in the hearts of multitudes of people across the world.  Individuals are being infused with The Spirit of God changing who we are in our spirit being.

The actual Spirit of Christ coming in or manifesting in our spirit becomes one Spirit in us.  We become one Spirit with Christ.  As our Spirit flows up into our mind, we begin to have the mind of Christ.

God is Spirit!

Spirit God is far greater than our natural Adamic spirit.  God who created ALL things and sustains all creation is greater than our natural minds or anything in the natural world.

All things are possible to God but not to man alone without God.  All things in and with God are possible to you and me now in this world, if Spirit God abides in us.

Spirit is like air: it is not visible, but as a spirit moves upon creation you can hear it and see its results. Jesus said,

“The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes.  So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”   John 3:8.

When Holy Spirit of Christ comes into us, it blends with our spirit and like air the two become one air or one spirit.  The much more dominant Spirit of Christ becomes the dominant Spirit in us.

Thus, we become one Spirit with Christ. The Spirit of Christ dwells within us.

That which we could not do in the natural, we can now do.
That which we did not have in the natural, we can now have.
We have the LOVE of Christ for all mankind and the willing obedience to the Father.

We have the power and wisdom that we did not have before.
We have the ability to see in the Spirit realm.
We can hear God clearly and commune with Him.
We become willing servants and mature Sons of God on earth. We are seated with God in heavenly places.

We truly are a totally new creation without the limitations caused by the fall of Adam and our own sin.
Truly we are bought with a price.
We are the fully redeemed temple of God on earth.
We willingly give our lives for Him to live in us.
All that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be is His.

Our love for Him knows no bounds or limits.
There is no life in us or in this world without Him.
We are forever bound to Him as one with Him in the ecstasy of His abundant life of love, righteousness, peace, and joy.
We fulfill all law because of love, so that there is no need for external controls or rules.

This is The Kingdom of God within us.

The Kingdom Within Flows Out to the World Around Us

The Kingdom within affects the world around us and like yeast in dough spreads quickly into the people and the world around us.

The spreading Kingdom changes the people of the world and the world is changed into the perfect order of God.

Truly there is only one governance, one Head over the entire world.  One Kingdom Government with one King, Christ Jesus Yeshua, LORD of all.

The kingdoms of this world become The Kingdoms of our God as Christ Jesus, living in all of us, returns the Kingdom to Father God.

This is Not Just Someday; This is Beginning Now

The things that the devil is doing now to kill, steal, and destroy will be used for good by God toward the fulfillment of The Kingdom.

It is about Romans 8:28:

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His Purpose.”

How Can This Be?

America and the nations of the world have gone far from God into much of the plan and purposes of the enemy.  The religious church systems have been grossly infected with cunning deceptions.

Divisions and separations have resulted in multitudes of religious denominations that have failed to know and participate in the Spirit’s work to fulfill the purpose of Christ being formed in the people by The Holy Spirit and restoring the systems of this world to The Kingdom of God.

The devil has been left unhindered in running rampant over the world in business, religion, education, mass media, family life, entertainment, and more.

This has led to the destruction of the family unit and even the basics of human reproduction and life systems established by God.

In short, all that the enemy has built by working in mankind must come down.  The tribulation coming upon the nations forces us to see and understand that which we have been doing is not working.

For the most part The Church has been robbed of even really knowing about the real kingdom of God potential on earth.  The good news of The Kingdom of God is that Christ is now here indwelling His Body to establish The Kingdom of God on earth.

The enemy for the most part convinced us that we could only have all those kingdom promises and provisions someday after we died and went to Heaven, or some day when Jesus came back in a natural body and did some more work to stop the devil.

We are awakening to the magnificent perfect love of God in us and through us changing the world from chaos to the glory of God in The Kingdom of His love.

“But as it is written:

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit.  For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.”   1 Corinthians 2:9-10.


Be made whole in His love,
~ Ron McGatlin


Source: A Personal Change of Focus! ~ by Ron Mc Gatlin

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