Heaven and Hell visits – Rev. Park, Yong Gyu, 1987 [He was shown both with a 1:1000 ratio. God sees your devotion to His Kingdom work and right into your hearts and intentions> Consider all of this again here in the 2020s. God changes not. His standards for entrance to His holy heaven are the same as they have always been. Choose to follow Jesus NOW! It is a narrow path, for sure, but eternity awaits!]

Posted: July 25, 2020 in a dreadful day indeed when all that is holy and good is considered evil, Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination, Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Hell and Heaven are both real places

In 1987, Reverend Park had died from high blood pressure. 

But by the grace of God, his life was extended for another 20 years.  However, for the first four years, he was not able to speak due to his condition.

He was about 50 years old when he had come back to life.  During his death, The LORD showed him to Heaven and Hell:


I want you to know if you are arrogant and prideful, you will bring curses upon yourself.  I had a mega church of 5000 members but I was struck down by God due to my arrogance. Now I fear God.  (James 4:6)

I used to own property worth about 150 million US dollars.  I owned five luxury cars. But after my death experience, I gave it all away.

Please remember, salvation cannot be achieved by your possessions but through faith. And now I plead to the deacons, elders, and the other leaders in their churches to serve your pastors with all your heart.

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