It’s Final Exam’s times + You are about to be taken out of your box – Lonnie Mackley, June and 10/3/2020

Posted: October 4, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Chosen, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!

The “Doldrums” is an area of the ocean where sailors had to endure and languish in an extended “windless condition” where they were basically stuck until they either moved past the dead zone, or the wind picked back up again; but the doldrums can also be considered being in an ongoing state of listlessness, despondency, or inactivity. We as the remnant sons of God have all been in a strange kind of waiting mode for quite some time now as we have been going through not only a physical, but also a spiritual lockdown as we transition from the Wilderness to Harvest.

Many of us have been in spiritual lockdown for decades now as we have been being carefully prepared by God to be part of this last day’s revival; and although we are more than eager to finally break out of it, God is determined to make sure that we are truly ready to move forward before He releases us and allows us to progress. Below are just a few of the reasons why God has been keeping us in this continued state of waiting and self examination, and what is needed to finally advance on.

1. Testing- Just like in college where people take their final exams we are in a time of testing to show us where we are really at, or not at right now. This is meant to reveal the progress we have either made, or still need to make in order to go forward. A true test uncovers what is really there!

2. Rest- God wants us all to rest and wait before Him rather than being overly busy and ignoring Him. Many of us have been going non-stop with activity for literally years now and we can barely even squeeze in two minutes of prayer time. God wants to talk with us as He talked with Moses.

3. Refinement- There are many areas that the Holy Spirit has helped us to overcome in but there are still subtle remnants of selfishness and disobedience in how we treat people that need to be mastered. These are things we know about, but just need to be tweaked a bit until we get it right.

4. Endurance- You may have noticed that some of the trials and tormentors have not gone away and that is because God is developing patient endurance in us. This can seem maddening but in the end there will be no buttons for the devil to push once the greater harvest persecution comes.

5. Repentance- There have been longstanding hidden sin-habits that need to be pulled out by the roots this time, and that takes our full attention and cooperation with God as He gives us the truth and grace we need to finally let go of these things for good. It’s your time now to live free indeed!

6. Prayer- The Holy Spirit has been leading us in our homes to come together and seek Him on a daily or even a continuous manner. We have all entered the last days corporate Upper Room and the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit is about to hit, so prayer and waiting on God are a must!

7. Oneness- God does not just plan on visiting us; He plans to become fully and permanently one with us! And as spiritual maturity becomes complete and you have fully died to self all Heaven is notified that you are ready to be trusted and flowed through because Jesus can live through you!

So if you are in your final exams mode right now try not to despair or get exasperated even if your growing pains seem extreme and unbearable and it seems like things are taking forever, because you are receiving God’s accelerated sanctification right now where you are becoming the Bride of Jesus without spot of wrinkle! You have been handpicked by God for this special time and many saints throughout history have longed to be part of what you are part of right now! Plus, as God goes through your soul and He carefully weeds out anything that is unacceptable for your eternal future, you will be able to face Jesus during your judgment when He comes soon without anything to be ashamed of. This time of final testing and seemingly endless waiting will end abruptly quite soon, and when it does you will emerge from it holy, happy, healthy, and fully equipped to handle anything that comes your way! So hang in there dear one, because you are about to receive the greatest infilling and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in history, and you’re passing your final exams!

JAS 1:12 Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.


You may have felt like you have been living in a box not only recently because of world events, but also for many years and even decades as God has had you living in a restricted and isolated mode while He has been preparing you for this last harvest. But get ready, because you’re about to be taken out of your box! God’s power is about to overtake your life and it will transform every part of your being as He sends you out in the midst of the chaos to bring healing and deliverance to all who need it. It will seem like a dream to you at first because your life has seemed so dead for so long that nothing could revive it again, but God is an expert at reviving the dead instantly!
If you’re wondering where you are at right now spiritually, you’re right at the end of your transition final preparation time, and God is just putting the last finishing touches on what needs to change. If you want to help accelerate this process then agree with whatever the Holy Spirit shows you is wrong, and then consistently do the right thing until the wrong thing finally goes away. Also, if you have any hidden idols then get rid of them for good and don’t go get them out of the garbage just because you are being tested after their gone. If there are still people that you cannot forgive then ask God to help you to truly let it go, because you’re just holding yourself back by hanging onto it.
There are angels that are gathering around your life right now and they have been waiting for you to finish so that they can get started in this harvest with you. Jesus has been calling you to come closer and He wants you to hear His voice clearly and speak to you directly. It is time for us all to become one with the Lord and to not do the stray and play anymore. This whole world is groaning for God to reveal Himself through you and to receive the remedy that only He can give them right now. Jesus Christ is the cure to every problem! So no matter how long you have been in your box get ready to jump out of it, because God wants to do some very out of the box things through you!
MAL 4:2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.

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