I felt led to share the following Prophetic Word I released this morning over a dear sister in Christ. While this Word was for her, I believe it is a powerful Word for many of you in this hour.  As you read — receive it by faith! Enjoy!

“Get ready!” says The Spirit of God, ”for behold the season of increase, overflow and abundance is here.”

I saw you standing before the most incredible and beautiful fruit tree, but this was no ordinary fruit tree!  No… It was a fruit tree that was not only heavy laden, but it had more than one type of fruit growing upon its branches.

As I pressed into what I was seeing, I heard these words, “The Tree of Life.”

As you stood before this incredible Tree of Life, the fruit was not only exquisite, but it was glistening with His Glory and dripping with The Oil of His Anointing.  I could even smell the intoxicating fragrance of the beautiful fruit!

Now as I saw you stand in front of the tree, I saw you begin to reach up to pick the low lying fruit on the tree.  I saw you carried a beautiful basket with you, and I watched as you began to fill the basket (for this was to be shared with many), but then I saw you then begin to eat the fruit also.

And wow!  You began to dance (like you do) round and round you went.  The atmosphere was filled by the power of His Glorious Presence.

I saw the juice of the fruit literally running out of your mouth and I heard these Words, “Taste and see that he is good.”

Your heart was full to overflowing.  The fruit was the “Revelation of His Glory and Secret Mysteries,” which carried words of great Life, Power and Healing for the nations.  And you were devouring the fruit.

Then I saw you again reach up and you stretched as far as you could to reach for the fruit that was growing a little higher.  And as I looked at the fruit that was on the higher branches, I saw that the fruit was much larger and far weightier than the low lying fruit.

I watched as you reached up as far as your wee arms could stretch, but the fruit that grew higher was just that little bit beyond your grasp.

I watched as you even stepped up on your wee tippy-toes to try to get to the fruit, but all the striving and struggling did not help.  Your wee face looked so determined, and yet you looked discouraged and frustrated.

But then suddenly something shifted, as if you had a change of plan, and I watched at you walked over and sat down at the foot of the beautiful tree and you rested your head upon the tree trunk.

I listened as you began to sing a song, a song about your “Love for Papa”.  I listened as you sang, you wept and you prayed in The Spirit and as you began to focus on The Father.

Wow!  Wow!  Something begins to happen.  I watched as the beautiful fruit on the tree begins to fall to the ground, and I watched as even the fruit on the highest of branches fell at your feet.

Now there was so much fruit falling that you quickly jumped up from your resting place and you began to gather all the falling fruit, ha!

There was so much fruit that your wee basket was too small to carry it.  You did not only fill your basket, but you filled your skirt and your shirt, and I heard these Words, “Out of intimacy comes increase, overflow and an abundance of My Glorious Riches, for the hidden mysteries of My Glory is poured out upon My Friends!”

All striving, struggling and human effort and man made works can never attain the glorious overflow of His Secrets and deeper Revelation, for out of the womb of intimacy, comes the birthing of our Kingdom Destiny.

Get ready dear friends, your season of, “increase, overflow and abundance is here!

Source: The Season of Increase, Overflow and Abundance ~ by Veronika West

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