All the Treasures of Wisdom (Christine Beadsworth, S. Africa, FreshOilReleases, 10/9/2020)

Posted: October 10, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Anointed Worship Music Glorifying Jesus, Father God, Holy Spirit, Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus

This morning, I took some time to worship and just saturate myself in His presence, and while I was doing this, I began to be immersed in a vision. I found myself in a large cavern, which had a river flowing through it. As I gazed up at the high ceiling, I saw there were uncut gemstones embedded in the face of the rock. The Father spoke, “You will find treasures here that you will find nowhere else.” His voice sounded hollow as it echoed round the cavern. “Hide yourself in the cleft of the Rock daily, daughter, and no harm shall befall you.” I suddenly remembered that the Rock which followed the people of God in the wilderness was Christ. Then I remembered that God had said to His people that He wanted to feed them with honey (revelation) and oil (anointing) from the flinty rock. A flint stone is used for circumcision (Remember Joshua after the Israelites crossed the Jordan in the Promised Land). A flint stone is also used to create a spark which gets a fire going. To hide oneself in the flinty Rock is to be hidden in the Source of the fiery anointing.

Father spoke again, “Come, daughter, we have further to go.” I followed deeper and deeper into the back of the cavern and the space got narrower, so that I could barely squeeze through. I was aware that I was moving toward the deep things of God and that I could carry nothing or no-one else with me. Then the narrow passageway opened up into another smaller cavern with a deep, still pool of midnight blue water. I saw there were sparkles moving under the surface, much like firefly lights, except they were blue.

“What is this, Lord?” I asked.

“These are the depths of the wisdom and knowledge of God.”

“Is this fed by the river I saw?”

“No, daughter, this water wells up from deep underneath, from eternal springs that have never been exposed to the light of earth.”

“Are we still inside the Rock?”

“Yes, daughter, all the treasures of wisdom are hidden in Christ. This pool is fed by the same spring from which the river flows, but it is a different branch.”

“Now it sounds like you are talking about a tree…”

“Well, yes! And, no… The Tree of Life has its roots deep in this artesian well. But, also, those who are a part of My Servant, the Branch, in this hour, shall be planted here too (and Psalm 1 came to mind: ‘like a tree planted by streams of water…’). Few have ever seen this pool. Some choice saints of centuries past were led her by the Spirit of Wisdom, but in this generation they don’t seek still waters. They want rushing waterfalls that generate power flowing through their hands. They seek signs and wonders. Very few are willing to be still and know that I am God and that all that unfolds is working toward Me being exalted in the earth. So much soulish teaching; so many seeking to snatch up their swords and lop off ears as they see the approach of what MUST come… It is written, daughter, and yet, many try to pray it away. Instead of seeking Me daily, pressing in deep and rooting themselves in Me, so that they will not be shaken by the storm, they take up cudgels and demand rights and engage in fleshly battles with a foe that has no intention of surrendering an inch of his plan for world domination. They war from soulish understanding and set themselves in opposition to My Eternal Word. Instead of stilling their hearts in My presence to listen to My still, small voice, they raise theirs in protest against the loss of outward freedoms and comforts. Have they no understanding of the times?

I would sup with them; can they not hear My knock? I have gold refined in the fire for those willing to pay the price of its purchase – and salve so that they may clearly see how far they have wandered from MY narrow way that leads to Life. Instead, they clutch their riches and seek to shore up their temporal citadels. Do they not know that their every breath is granted by My mercy? Do they not remember that he who seeks to save his life shall lose it? This coming war cannot be fought with ammunition forged in the factories of men. Their true foe is not flesh and blood. My people need urgent updates to their battle plans, and the war being fought now is for their souls. Will they sell them so easily for a few outward freedoms granted?

Forget the past, My people. That way of life will never be again. Striving to retain it only wastes precious time and strength which you need to bring in the harvest. Update your software, saints. You are functioning on an old program. Move from outward to inward – My kingdom is within you and none can prevent its expansion. Seek My face. Seek this place where the treasures of wisdom are to be found, deep within the Rock. Seek My face; seek My embrace. If you are truly hidden in Me, no outward change can shake you. Yes, you will observe them and, yes, the wearing out of the saints will continue a short season, but your source is in Me. All who are thirsty can come and drink freely. Drink of My goodness in your midst. Feast on the abundance of My house, even as earthly food stores run dry. Feed your soul in the cleft of the Rock and know that no-one can snatch you out of My hand. If you acknowledge Me before men, My Son will acknowledge you before Me, but if you deny Me, there is nothing I can do to help you. Choose life, My children. Press toward the Source, the Giver of Life, and know that the darkness has never been able to overcome My light!”

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