“Be bold as a lion,” says The LORD.

“I did not give you a spirit of intimidation, and you are not to fear.  I have empowered you with MY Spirit, and you are not to turn back in the day of battle.

“Courage and valor are your clothing, and you have mighty spiritual weapons that will overwhelm the enemy, every time.

“For that which is of My SPIRIT, IS SPIRIT, and everything and everyone in your natural environs will be subject to the power of My Spirit that supersedes and superintends any other,” says the LORD.

“The unseen is greater than the seen,” says the LORD.

“Although you do not see the sword of My Spirit, it is a tangible reality.  It is more powerful than what your eyes behold.  USE the weapons that I have given you that are unsurpassed.

“Do not surrender or turn back or give up, for the victory that I will give you is just ahead, as you refuse to cower, and face the enemy, head on.

“He will flee from you in terror, for My fear is in you, and will surround you, and you will utterly defeat the enemy and destroy his diabolical weapons and works as I do, and will do through those who will engage in the fray, rather than retreat,” says the LORD.

Source: Bold as a Lion ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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