“So few are willing, even among those who call me their Lord, to obey my commands, honor my authority and submit to my will.

How is it that the very people that I created to be in relationship with me, for whom I even sacrificed my precious son, turn from me? My love is spurned, but not for the gain of something of immeasurable value. It is simply because they prefer the ease of following the world’s wide road. Honoring and obeying me is an inconvenience or embarrassment to them.

The earth belongs to Me. Look around you; see everything that I have chosen to share with mankind. See the provision that I have placed on the land for you! See the beauty, diversity and the bounty there! Further, I offer you the only true and lasting joy and hope to be found, during your vapor of time on earth.

I offer even more for eternity – a home with me in my Kingdom. Forever living in a place so glorious, its splendor is far beyond human comprehension. It is a place of peace, joy and abundance. That is truly the life that is worth gaining!

Yet, people refuse to see that they cannot follow the “world” and its ruler and also be in relationship with me. They are blinded by the deceiver and seldom even try to resist the attacks on my character and his manipulation of their souls.

People willingly sell themselves to Satan and the price charged is paltry. They trade their soul for the illusion of a life well lived. They choose to satisfy their fleshly desires rather than honor and obey their creator.

Why will they accept such small payment in exchange for their very soul? Can they not understand what a precious thing it is to me?

The only value that their “soul purchase” has to Satan, is the pain that it causes me when they are lost for eternity. I grieve – he celebrates my grief.

People have willingly been deceived into believing the lie that they can lead a life on earth that is contrary to my will and authority, and yet be entitled to spend eternity in my Kingdom!

The offer of redemption and salvation that I make is sweet beyond anything that can or will ever be offered by the world. However, it comes at a price. The price that I’ve set is necessarily non-negotiable.

Are you willing to pay my price or will we of necessity part ways for eternity?”


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