“I AM NOT going to rehabilitate you,” says The LORD.

I will only transform, heal, revive, restore.  It is MY WORKMANSHIP in you, and you are a NEW CREATION in Me!  You are not a fixer upper like a building that needs refurbished.

You are a living temple, and what I do is a living Word that heals, My living Water that refreshes, My FIRE that ignites and refines and empowers, My power that translates from darkness into MY marvelous light.

“My Word cleanses and purges and purifies and heals and restores and delivers.  You will not be a makeover or a do over.  I will perfect you and beautify you as you trust in Me as your Savior and LORD,” says The LORD.

“My Spirit is in you to transform you into MY OWN IMAGE,” says The LORD.

“Just walk in My Spirit, Walk in the faith that I have given you, Walk in My Word, Walk in fellowship and friendship with Me, Walk in My will, and Walk in My love.

“Follow My lead and you will go from glory to glory as it will be ever-increasing.  Act on what you already have and who you already have become in Me.

“You will see my greater glory when you just continually walk with Me, and I will elevate you into new heights of My Glory and you will be a vessel of honor that I will USE for My Glory as you walk in the newness of life that I have already given you, because you have trusted in Me to be your Savior and LORD.”

Source: Transformed into His Image ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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