His called ones are ready to do their part – Kathy Mote, 12/1/2020

Posted: December 1, 2020 in Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Chosen, Fire-Torch Humans being prepared/refined by God!

I saw a great assembly come together in a room filled with Light. The Father called everyone before Him, and each of them knew what time it was by the sound of His voice. Upon hearing Him, they turned to Him.  He said all the players are in place now as though they were on a stage as part of a great play. This play is an illustration of what the Lord means, and how He truly is. He will show His judgement of all things, and everyone’s mind will be changed. His called ones are ready to do their part. They will be what they are called to set forth. They are all made to stand in their places, each one called by His voice are made by His hand.  He has gathered them all together in this one generation where He will be made known to all men. It is in this generation the veil will be lifted, and He will be seen as Who He is. He will come to take His Beloved Home with Him, having made her ready to be with Him. And those who are called to Him know who they are to Him. They know this by knowing Him. He spent their lives fashioning them, and they will never doubt Him, world without end. 

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