Psalm 107: 23-24, 28-31 (TPT) “Some of us set sail on ships upon the sea to faraway ports, transporting our goods from ship to shore. We were witnesses of God’s power out in the ocean deep. We saw breathtaking wonders upon the high seas…we cried out, ‘Lord, help us! Rescue us!’ And he did! God stilled the storm, calmed the waves, and he hushed the hurricane winds to only a whisper. We were so relieved, so glad as He guided us safely to harbor in a quiet haven. So lift your hands and give thanks to God for His marvelous kindness and for His miracles of mercy for those He loves!”


I had a dream some nights ago where a friend of mine and I were on large platform supply ship in the middle of the ocean at night. The ship had been storm-beaten and sustained great damage, that caused causing its systems to fail and power to be lost. The damage, debris and water that blown in by the storm winds and wave were causing it to sink. With no power to try to get to shore or call for help, there seemed to be no apparent chance of being rescued. Obeying the ship captain’s instruction, we stood and continued to stand against all hope in the middle of the ship’s platform worshipping God and declaring and decreeing the Word of God over the ship, ourselves, and over various things that in real life had been weighing heavy on our spirits. Our words were met with the deafening silence and darkness of the night and, for a very long time, it looked as if nothing was happening in response to our release of the Word of the Lord. At some point, I looked up and something caught my eye in the night sky: there were angel armies of God scurrying with excitement in obedience to the Word of the Lord released through our worship and declarations to carry it out! This was a turning point and here we began to notice that as soon as our decrees left our mouth, the things we were declaring the Word of life of the Lord over began to come back to life and into manifestation. Even a dead, broken little plant that lay in a broken flowerpot at my feet began to immediately grow green with life again and bloomed a beautiful resplendent white flower as I spoke life into it. The ship’s lights came on suddenly again as power was supernaturally restored. Under the ship’s lights, we could see now that amongst the debris on the ship’s platform were scattered glowing precious gems that we began collecting. The ship began to move forward and, as it did, the debris and entanglements that were causing it to sink began to be broken and shaken off from the ship. It even seemed as if the damage that had been sustained by the ship was being restored as we began to move forward to our destination again. We were so overcome with joy and we began to cry out, “It was worth it, Oh God! Every single thing was worth it and now makes full sense. Look what God has done for us!” I woke up.I HEAR THE FATHER IS SAYING, “YOU ARE NOT A SINKING SHIP!”As I began to pray into this dream, I began to hear the Father saying there are those that are feeling as if they were that sinking ship in the middle of ocean at night: weighed down by the debris, the pressure and damage of the storms of the enemy that have them feeling as if they were between a rock and a hard place, stuck, powerless, and with no chance of escape or of being rescued. I hear the Father saying to these,“You are not a sinking ship. And you are never too far gone for rescue. My Child, take heart and know that the only things sinking are the capsizing ships of past limiting beliefs and the plans of the enemy toward you. When the enemy and circumstances around you scream ‘It’s too late!’, lean into Me and hold on to the gentle whisper of My Voice declaring firmly, ‘I’ve still got a plan and I’ll still make a way.’ Listen: nothing is too impossible for Me! I’ve still got a plan and I’ll still make a way for you! Nothing catches Me by surprise and My Plans for you are deeper, grander, and more thorough plan than you can perceive, comprehend, or even imagine! Eye has not seen nor ear has heard nor has it entered into the heart of man what I have prepared for those who love Me! So, continue to stand still upon the certainty of My Love, My Promises, My Protection, and the Finished Work of Christ and see the salvation of your Father God. I will do for you what neither you nor others can do. I alone will get the glory for the turns in your story ahead! I will do it because I care deeply and always have. I am breaking you out of every disempowering place of doubt and fear. I am releasing from Heaven an anointing for restoration to bring back life to the deepest depths of My people’s soul. It is time to start walking more fully than you ever have before in the confidence and the blessings and the grace of your Father God! Know that I am working behind the scenes to prepare a way for you and to prepare you for the next leg of your journey through the oceans of My Plans and Purposes for your life. Continue standing on the truth and the promises of My Word and continue to rest in My Love and My Faithfulness. The waves of the beating storm of the enemy may seem unsurpassable, but rejoice that I have already given you victory on every front! I am the Lord of the impossible who defeated death and the grave and with that same power with which I defeated the enemy ensured the victory that is already promised to you. Don’t give up now at the edge of victory. Your breakthrough is coming and it will more than make up for everything you have been through!”CONTINUE TO SPEAK AND PARTNER WITH MY WORD: ANGELS HARKEN AT THE WORD OF THE LORD AS YOU RELEASE IT“I am releasing into you a profound impartation of supernatural faith to continue to partner with My Word and the Truth of the Hope that you have firmly anchored in Me. For, I am doing profound and powerful things through your prayer life this season. So, grab a hold of your faith and continue to speak of those things that are not as though they are and to release the Word of God over every area of your life that is not in alignment with My Will. Continue to prophesy to your life, to your situations, and to everything I laid in your heart to speak life over. Though it may not make sense to the carnal mind, My Word which I send forth never returns to Me void, but always accomplishes that which I sent it forth to accomplish because it is not by might, nor power, nor by human reasoning, but by My Spirit, says the Lord, that My Plans and Purposes come to be! On the surface, it may seem as if little change is happening and things look only l a little different. It may seem sometimes like only little things are happening in response to your prayers and your faithful decrees and declaration. But the truth is that your partnering with Me in Word and action is provoking a great release from Heaven behind the scenes and at the appointed time, you WILL see it come forth. For, angels harken at the Word of the Lord being released by your lips and there are warring angels, ministering angels moving over even now to the sound of My Word to bring deliverance. I have heard your prayers and your fervent declarations and I have sent forth My Angels to minister to you, to your family, to every situation of concern to your heart, whether you have been aware of it or not. And, I am releasing My Power and My Anointing to perfect all that concerns you within and without and I am intervening and doing big things behind the scenes of your life! I am sending help! I am dispatching My angel armies of Heaven very swiftly on your behalf. You will not perish in the sea of impossibility, nor drown in the midst of the storm waves of the enemy at night, says the Lord. Your prayers, your faithful obedience as you have stood upon My Word has not been in vain. I am going to work out testimonies for you that will deal a fatal blow to your capacity for fear, anxiety, and unbelief!”I AM TURNING EVERYTHING INTO STRENGTHENING & PREPARATION FOR GREATNESS“Know, that everything you are going through I will turn into strengthening and preparation. For truly, in My Hand everything the enemy has thrown at you will become a season of preparation for you for the great things and the greatness I have laid ahead for you! Listen: I am preparing you for greatness. So look up and realize all I am releasing to you in this season. Search out and grab a hold of all the blessings I am releasing in the midst of the storm. Grab a hold of the gold, the lessons, the strengthening, the treasures hidden in the darkness of everything you are going through. For, I am turning trials into treasures of learning and strengthening and equipping for greatness I have laid ahead for you. Keep going forward in obedience knowing I will make a way. I will make provision for everything you need along the way. Continue to stay the course faithfully where I have planted you and in the things I have laid in your heart to do, because from here a great harvest of blessings come forth and in due season you WILL reap the fruit of unfailing love!”I AM INFUSING YOU WITH MY POWER AND NUDGING YOU TO BE ABLE TO MOVE FORWARD IN FAITH AGAIN“You have been stuck in certain areas of your life for so long that you almost don’t believe that there can be a season of moving forward for you. You have felt behind and stuck between a rock and a hard place, unable to move forward no matter how hard your tried and held back by the memories of all that you’ve thought disqualifies you from all I have from you. Well, I say that time is coming to an end. I am sorting things out for you to help you get into a better place so that the seasons can begin to turn for you again. I am bringing you into a place of forward movement where change will come and your life where things are going to start turning and moving and you are going to begin to see the fruition of a harvest. So begin to step out in faith to do the things I have put in your heart hat you never believed you could do before. You don’t know your own strength, your own capacity, or the depths of what I have placed inside of you. But I am going to begin to show you the strength and the power and authority that is available to you from Me that you haven’t even began tapping into. I am nudging you out of your stuck places so you can start moving forward in faith in the strength and power that is available to you through Me. I am nudging your faith. You are going to start experiencing some things you thought you weren’t really ready for, because this is your season to get unstuck and caught up to the levels I want you to be functioning in. I am helping you catch up and begin walking in the power and the faith and the momentum that you need to be operating in. And, as you move forward in faith, there is a cutting away of the things that have been hindering you that is going to happen, but the knife that cuts those things loose form your life that have held you back—the fear, the powerlessness, the discouragement, the defeat and failure—is going to be your faith as you continue to stand in Me and walk forward as a choice of faith upon My Word, My Promises, and into every pathway My Voice directs you into. Don’t feel as if you have to be perfect or have it all together before you can go forth in obedience. Don’t feel as if you have to have your ducks all in a row before you come with me out of your fishing boat and into the waters of Destiny. For I choose the weak things and the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. And even as I called and used mightily those mired in debt and problems and downturn to return the Kingdom back into David’s hand and out of the hand of Saul, so I call upon you today to take a step forward in faith into My Purposes in trust that as you answer the call of My Voice, I will equip you, provide for you, and take care of all that concerns you. You’ve felt under the thumb of the spiritual warfare of the enemy for long. And today I am calling you out to fight that back as you step out in faith into the things of My Kingdom. And I guarantee you: as you do, you will see restoration, healing, chains falling down and your life will change dramatically as you step out in faith in obedience to Me!”I AM GIVING YOU THE UPPER HAND OF DISCERNMENT TO STAND IN YOUR AUTHORITY AGAINST ALL THE DEVICES OF THE ENEMY AND MOVE FORWARD IN VICTORY“The enemy doesn’t play fair. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy, endeavoring to make you sink under the fear, doubt, and unbelief that he tries to sow into your heart. He tries to put you under the weight of a heavy blanket of confusion and hopelessness in wondering, ‘When is all this going to ever come to an end!’ But take heart in knowing that while the enemy doesn’t play fair, I have come that you may have abundant life! For, I am the God of Justice who has overcome the world and every plot and scheme of the enemy! In the past, your ignorance to the devil’s devices against you kept you bound in powerlessness and discouragement. But, I am giving you the wisdom and discernment, even as you continue to renew your mind with My Word, to know and discern his schemes, to discern the ways in which he has tried to hold you back and keep you bound in powerlessness, fear, discouragement, and defeat, to keep you from moving forward and walking in everything I have for you. I am giving you discernment to know that there are more for you than those who are against you. I am giving you the upper hand of greater discernment of the enemies lies, schemes, and devices against you that you may arise in the authority and the My weapons of warfare I have already vested upon you to fight back and rebuke and come against and tear down every work of the enemy that would keep you bound and in defeat! So go forth My Child, you are breaking through. For I am bringing you break through and overturning the unfavorable verdicts against you. I am overturning the works of the enemy that have kept you stuck, says the Lord and I am overturning the chains that have kept you bound. I am bringing healing and restoration and an infusion of power to your life. I am rearranging things for you and bringing change to empower you to sail forth in faith upon the waves of victory that I have already won for you, not by might, nor power, but by My Spirit!” Says the Lord.

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