“Watch! For God’s Double Troublemakers empowered by The Spirit of Elijah — for troubled times are rising in 2021.”

“Now when Ahab saw Elijah he said, “Is that really you, the troublemaker of Israel?”” 1 King’s 18:17.

I heard The Spirit say, “Watch! For I AM raising up Troublemakers in this hour that will not be moved by man’s opinion or by man’s praise.

Troublemakers, filled with The Fire of The Spirit of Truth who will ignite the fuse of Revival and bring to birth a explosive new movement of Radical Reformers, who will not be contained or confined! Nor will they be shut down or silenced!

Watch! For many of My Anointed Troublemakers will be defined not by their soothing speech and their man pleasing personalities, but they will be known for their sharp teeth and jaggeder edges.

Like an abrasive sandpaper, they will rub many up the wrong way and they will offend the spirit of Religion and Tradition that have taken up residence in the hearts of many who deem themselves holy in My Sight.

Yes! I say Listen and Pay Attention!

Watch! For now I AM touching the lips of My Troublemakers with red hot coals of My Fire and Glory and their tongues will be like sharp two-edged swords, cutting through bone and flesh, and their mouths will be filled with Words of Wisdom that carry the Authority to shift Nations and move mountains into the sea.

Their eyes shall see with greater clarity and revelation, their ears tuned to the frequency of heaven.

Having the ability to hear and accurately distinguish The Voice of Truth and Righteousness from the many voices of deception and demonic delusion, these Troublemakers will be mantled with Might and Power and will release and impart The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD into every atmosphere and place of influence.

I say, Watch and Pray! For gone are the days, when sugar coated words of compromise and false comfort are spoken from the mouths of wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, to entice and to draw a hungry and thirsty crowd for the purpose of feeding the lusts of their own flesh and the lusts of their own eyes.

For gone are the days when the Glory Thieves go onto to steal even more of My Glory!

Gone are the days when My precious Word is pimped and prostituted and written on merchandise and sold as household commodities.

For did I not say, My Fathers house shall be A House of Prayer and not a den of thieves?

Ha! Watch! For My Trouble Makers will go forth to overturn and thrown down many defiled tables in My Father’s House.

Gone are the days when the Truths of My Word are twisted and distorted and thrown like precious pearls to be trodden under foot, so that the offering baskets can be filled and the names of men can be lifted up and worshiped.

Gone are the days when the pulpit is used as the coward’s castle to manipulate, intimidate and control My beloved Sheep.

Gone are the days when men and women will stand in My Holy Presence and lie and steal, and think that they can continue to abuse My Body and that Death and Destruction will not surely come upon their own heads and upon the heads of those in their households.

I say, gone are the days of a lukewarm Gospel that has discredited and brought shame upon My Name and upon My Fame in the Nations.

Gone are the days when men and women will seek to bring a heavenly God down to man’s earthly level so that their premises will be filled and their purses will be fat.

I say again, gone are these days, for now a new day is dawning. Days that will be marked by radical change and transformation.

Days of Divine Disruptions, Supernatural Shakings and unexpected suddenlies, glorious signs, wonders and miracles.

For I will show myself to be God and My Righteous Remnant of Troublemakers will rise filled by The Spirit and Power of Elijah and they shall advance to build and establish My Kingdom Purposes in the Nations of the earth!”

Question: Will you choose to be God’s Double Troublemaker for trouble times? !

Source: God’s Double Troublemakers ~ by Veronika West

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