My warriors now don MY HEAVENLY GARMENTS and are prepared in both the physical and spiritual realms to march forward in contention for many hearts: Barb @ 278Pike, 1/4/2021

Posted: January 6, 2021 in 2021...Hope arises as Jesus Saves!, Supernatural Manifestations of God: End Time Warriors, Wonder & Awe at "Suddenlies"/Transformations to Glory

My Daughter- Write to those with ears to hear and to those with hearts that have been prepared to understand things about to come. I have prepared the hearts and minds of those who have sought this preparation and tho many have grown weary in the battles through out their preparations, they have come through with flying colors. My warriors now don MY HEAVENLY GARMENTS and are prepared in both the physical and spiritual realms to march forward in contention for many hearts. There will no longer be the disappointments of the past for now many more ears will be opened to receive the testimony of MY PERFECT SACRIFICE ON THE CROSS FOR THE SALVATION of MY CREATION. Each living being has already or is in the midst of facing the circumstances I have ordained to ready their hearts to be part of MY GREAT BATTLE or to be on the receiving end of the WONDERFUL TESTIMONY of MY SAINTS. There are great changes coming in the physical space and time upon your earth MY children as a transition into a place that will ready MY CREATION for its’ final RECONCILIATION TO ITS’ CREATOR will now begin to occur. Hearts that have been lead astray will now be returning home! Blind eyes that have been focused on the deceptions of the ruler of the air will now be opened to his everlasting and devastating schemes to destroy MY creation. It will be a glorious time when MY MERCY will stretch far and wide to rescue as many of MY CREATION as will receive MY TRUTH. The enemy will hit MY CREATION with every weapon he can wield – but MY earthly and heavenly soldiers stand prepared with MY impenetrable ARMOR. You will begin to witness things in the physical and spiritual that will shock you to your core but in the same instant you experience the feeling of shock you will also experience the AWE of MY MAJESTY. I AM sovereign! (Having supreme authority.)
I WILL allow and I WILL disallow everything that is to come to achieve MY perfect plan. I instruct you now MY CHILDREN- watch MY PLAN UNFOLD with complete confidence, filled with MY PERFECT PEACE AND HOLY SPIRIT GUIDED UNDERSTANDING! I know the number of hairs upon your head MY CHILDREN and will allow no harm upon you! Your faith will be supernaturally increased to align with whatever you are to face! The evil one believes he wins but MY TRUTH always prevails in the end! The events that occur will leave no explanation to the human understanding yet the evil one will propagate even more lies in formulating answers that can some how be manifested as naturally occurring. MY OWN will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that MY HAND IS RESPONSIBLE and the explanations put forth will eventually be exposed for MY CREATION to see. The exposures to come will allow many more to turn their faces towards ME. Many will come to realize this is not their home and long to experience MY PERFECT and HEAVENLY PLAN. Hold fast to ME NOW MY CHILDREN. Allow only MY PEACE to be in the forefront of your minds! The verdict over the enemy has ALWAYS been guilty! Execution of judgment is coming upon those that belong to him in the physical as MY OWN ARE THE EXECUTIONERS!
I love you MY CHILDREN.
Yeshua Hamashiac

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