The Exposure of Darkness ~ by Laura Gagnon, 1/20/2021

Posted: January 21, 2021 in 2021...Hope arises as Jesus Saves!, Pray for unsaved loved ones NOW -- Do not delay!

2 Words in 1:


There is so much confusion in the world.

So many voices, so many opinions. Don’t let your confidence waiver towards God.

We are not moved by our circumstances. We are convinced of His promises. Yet I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13).

The Exposure of Darkness

There is a moment coming quickly, where the exposure of darkness will be so blatant and obvious, that the lies and deceptions people have believed will be clear.

In that moment, there will be an opportunity to truly repent for being in agreement with the wrong side, which is the kingdom of darkness.

That window of opportunity will be short.

For when opportunities present themselves and truth makes itself known, people have a choice to either repent and come over to The Lord’s side or they will retain their false judgements and continue to believe all the false narrative and stay in alignment with the enemy of their soul.

In the moment when ‘the lights come on’ and you have that experience of awakening to the truth, do not let that moment pass by without praying and asking Jesus to save you.

God is giving people an opportunity to experience His grace and mercy but it comes through humility, repentance and a sincere prayer from the heart.

There will be many that miss their moment to receive salvation because they will run from God and continue to embrace their own independence instead of running to God and allowing Him to save them.

Please pray that those you love and those caught in the midst of exposure will not miss their moment to come to The LORD and experience His Mercy.

Source: The Exposure of Darkness ~ by Laura Gagnon

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