A New Sound From Heaven ~ by Elaine Tavolacci, 2/6/21

Posted: February 7, 2021 in HOPE in almighty GOD as your SHIELD from the enemy, Prophetic voices 2021. Let Hope arise as Jesus Saves!

People often ask: “How do you hear The Holy Spirit’s voice? Do you hear voices? Does He speak in dreams, visions, pictures and parables?

“Does He show you metaphors, puzzles, analogies, enigmas, rhymes and riddles? Could you sense His presence and is it possible to smell His fragrance?

“Did He really speak to Moses through a burning bush and could He do the same today?”

The answer is yes to all of the above questions. Although it’s rare to hear the audible voice of The LORD, He certainly could choose to speak this way if He pleases.

He wants to visit us, open our eyes and give us encounters. The Holy Spirit speaks in so many ways but we must learn to discern His voice. We must learn to filter out our own thoughts and tune in to His.

Television and radio stations are transmitting sounds at all times, but we will only hear them when we turn them on.

In the same way The Holy Spirit is constantly transmitting sounds and speaking to us but we must tune in to the frequencies of heaven to hear Him speak.

Our brains process sixty billion bytes of information per second. All our thoughts converge from what we hear externally and internally.

Thoughts from our history and our presence mingle together and create thoughts and emotions which result in fear, anger, happiness, joy etc.  A particular scent could bring up memories from our past. So how could we learn to discern His voice?

“I AM” 365 Names of God CDThe other day I was playing a CD from 2002 in my car from John Paul Jackson titled “I AM” 365 Names of God.

The presence of God (The Shekinah Glory) filled my car like a cloud just as it did when I played this CD nineteen years ago. I was caught up and separated from the world around me.

I was thinking to myself, what happened that seemed to take the body of Christ so far off course?

We used to soak in the presence of God for hours back in the day. I believe that Christians have taken their eyes off Jesus.

I’m not saying that is the reason why we are in tumultuous times, but if we got back to that personal intimate relationship with The LORD and spent time in His presence, we will be able to shift the atmosphere once again and the world around us would have to respond.

As I was listening to this CD, I heard The LORD say, “There is a New sound arising!”

It’s a sound coming from heaven. It’s the sound of revival, it’s the sound of restoration. It may seem as if the body of Christ is on the titanic right now and we are going down, but The LORD says, “You shall NOT go down but My Body shall rise again.

Just as Lazarus was dead with no sign of life, you will rise again. Just as Ezekiel spoke to the dead bones and they came to life, You will see the coming of the Glory of The LORD in the land of the living in these latter days,”says The LORD.

He is calling us to get back into that secret place and fill ourselves with His Word, then He will rise within us and overflow our being.

Storing up the Word of God in your heart is crucial in sensitizing yourself to hear His voice. Store up His word as a treasure within your spirit, then you could draw from it.

Pray in the Spirit to strengthen yourself and de-clutter your mind. Train your senses to discern good and evil. He will begin to speak to you in a way that only you could personally understand.

When you ask Him for bread, He will not give you a stone. Ask Him for Wisdom and rRvelation so that the eyes of your heart will be enlightened and you will know the hope of His Glory.

“God is a Spirit: and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”John 4:24.

“But when the truth-giving Spirit comes, he will unveil the reality of every truth within you. He won’t speak his own message, but only what he hears from the Father, and he will reveal prophetically to you what is to come. He will glorify me on the earth, for he will receive from me what is mine and reveal it to you.” John 16:13-14 TPT.

“But solid food is for the mature, whose spiritual senses perceive heavenly matters. And they have been adequately trained by what they’ve experienced to emerge with understanding of the difference between what is truly excellent and what is evil and harmful.” Hebrews 5:14 TPT.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Source: A New Sound From Heaven ~ by Elaine Tavolacci

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