​I had a vision early this morning.
I saw a table with 2 chairs and an overhead hanging lamp in a cozy corner of a house. A stairway was ​on the wall to the right​ and behind it. This picture is perfect except there was no food on the table and the stairway with the landing was behind it. 

As soon as I realized I was seeing a vision God told me many things about the soon coming light ​flowing​ into us, the Light of the world which is our Bridegroom. ​I feel the initial “gift” from God is going to be very intimate, a wonderful joining with Jesus as He flows through us, rather than a brilliant flash of light and the full transformation. Our families will know the difference to be sure, but since we know we need training, this points to a maturing for the Remnant.  As in most everything else God does, it will take time.  He wants His Bride to be perfected, with no spot or wrinkle.  Since no one has ever experienced this permanent change, we will feel it as a flood of changes and I can hardly wait.    
The stairway from the vision, was very close to the table and led to God above in Heaven and it sorrows my heart to know that the devil wrote the lyrics for Stairway to Heaven. (you can find that if you search on it).  But he can do nothing on his own, he can only copy, and many have seen that stairway in their dreams and visions.  We also have proof of it in Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28.  This encounter will eventually lead to the Rapture when Jesus takes us away permanently to Heaven.  But before then, we have a job to do! 
 ​​Finally the Lord said, “I will flood you with Being.”  I was reminded of a Word from Sue that I had just seen yesterday (Word here)
Be encouraged brothers and sisters, because this Encounter IS coming! Peace will flow through us like never before, and we will have zero worries while we remain on earth to fulfill our purpose in helping with the Harvest.  Are you ready??!?!?

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