There has been a progression of paintings that The Holy Spirit has led me to paint since March 2019 and the journey has revealed the prophets who have been hidden in caves, a shofar call that was needed to be made to come back to our Judeo-Christian roots and for the opening of the ancient doors of the ancient gate in Psalm-24.

We have entered the era where we have been equipped and ready to take back old land and pioneer the new ground for the GREATEST HARVEST OF SOULS!

The covenant of mercy has been revealed through the rainbow skies that hover over the gate and each stone of the wall represents the living stones of the body of Christ, each with a set purpose and each to be used to connect on earth and rebuild the ancient ruins. (Isaiah 58)

As the floor has become stretched and fluid, here the heavenly and earthly realms connect and become as one, for the waters from the throne of God (Rev 22:1) flow out from the framework of God, to become the window of opportunity in this Kairos time, for the rivers of living water shall nourish the Nation of The United Kingdom and the Nations of the world.

The frame that once kept us hidden, just as the caves, is now exposed for the eagles to see with 20/20 vision and to be seen fully and to soar with the Kingdom Revelation of who and whose they are and where they are to go, for the key of David is in their possession. (Isaiah 22:22)

This is to bring back God’s voice to the Church!

The anchor of gold is the anchor that is readied to fall to the earth, that the saints shall cling to and hold fast to as the living word in the shaking and the outpouring of the spirit of God.

The Anchor has the handle of the Sword, for it is in the wielding of the sword that the word of God is manifest, for the Anchor is to hold fast as the fishers of men cast their nets!

For The LORD says, “Now is the time to move out, to be brave and encouraged just as Joshua. You have been raised for such a time as this and I believe in you!

Arise and shine, for your light has come beloved eagles of Mine!” (Revelation 22:1)

Then the Angel showed me the river of The Water of Life, as clear as crystal, flowing from The Throne of God and of The Lamb.

Source: Pioneers Equipped and Ready ~ by Yvonne Coombs

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