When Someone Comes to Jesus ~ by Johann van der Hoven, 2/19/21

Posted: February 19, 2021 in 2021...Hope arises as Jesus Saves!, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!

“But whenever someone turns to The LORD, the veil (blindfold) is taken away. Now The LORD is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of The LORD is, there is freedom. But we all, with unveiled faces, looking as in a Mirror at the Glory of The LORD, are being transformed into the same Image from Glory to Glory, just as from The LORD, the Spirit.”2 Corinthians 3:16-18.

When someone comes to Jesus, He becomes their Door to the place where God dwells.

When they enter into God’s Presence, the experience can be explained using the example of someone that had been walking around with a blindfold for many years. Hearing a voice, but seeing no one.

Veiled from having a full experience and understanding of what surrounds them. When the blindfold is however removed, they can see clearly for the first time!

They no longer need to rely on anyone or anything to guide them along the way — they are able to fully experience everything around them for themselves and walk freely within their present awareness.

It is just the same for those who have previously worn the blindfold of knowing God only by means of Scriptures, religious teachings and traditions — When they enter through Christ the Door, the blindfold that had obscured them from being able to see God as He is and that restricted them in the partial knowledge of what they would learn from others concerning God, is suddenly removed!

They now clearly see Him for the first time — Face to face! They no longer need anything else to explain Him, for He is self-explanatory!

They no longer need to look at Him through the Law or learn of Him through the Scriptures — He is crystal clear, real and alive to them — They now see Him as He is, with Spiritual eyes beholding Him in Spirit and in the Glory of His Person.

As He has now become absolutely clear to them, He also communicates to them by Spiritual Revelation (making Himself known to them through Living communication).

The wonder of this marvel is that as we now look, with an unveiled face — We see clearer and deeper than ever before, and as we are looking deeply into Him, His Spirit guides us to the very bottomless riches of His Being.

The Mirror reflection of His Glory (the full essence of His Being, in nature, character and personality), communicates with us in our inner-Being, reminding us of our Source of Origin, and as we behold our Likeness in His Likeness, we begin to transfigure (transform) into our Original true Self that He created from Himself.

A deep inner-Revelation of the unveiling of His Glory, transforms us, to be changed into Being the reality of His Glory made visibly seen, captured in a bodily form, just as it was with Adam and with Jesus and with all those who would come through Jesus.

This whole experience is like looking into Him as a Mirror and not seeing your distorted human Image, but seeing your Origin, Source and your Eternal Image in Him.

As you keep looking deeper, you are metamorphosed into the Image in the Mirror and transfigured into your Original Likeness — His likeness, until what you see in the Mirror, is One and the very same Image and Likeness!

This is all accomplished by the Miraculous transforming Power of the Holy Spirit working in you.

Source: When Someone Comes to Jesus ~ by Johann van der Hoven

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