What do you know of perfection? What do you know of perfect peace, perfect grace, perfect satisfaction, perfect joy? On earth you know only in part. Soon face to face.

You are my Bride. Have you thought about the consummation of the wedding? No, because how could you imagine perfect completeness, perfect fulfillment? The joys of earth are a shadow of things to come, but what JOY you will have when you are face to face with me and you will know my perfect love and be completely mine. How could you know?

I have a gift for you that you cannot imagine: my perfect delight in you, my perfect acceptance of you, my perfect joy in being with you. You cannot imagine it! You see your flaws. You remember your shame, but soon you will be changed. You will be without flaws and without a hint of shame! You will know perfect peace with me! My wedding gift to you—I paid the price! I want you to know me without feeling shame of who you are. You will know perfect joy and you will be perfectly mine! My Redeemed One!

Source: Complete with Me – Until That Glorious Day

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