“New strategies will be revealed to you as I bring you into your higher purpose and new vision,” says The LORD.

“What worked for the past is not sufficient for the future, for what is ahead is not going to be a repeat of what was. The new is better, more powerful, and requires much more for fulfillment.

“I have it for you, as you come up higher, so I can share with you My vision and download unto you new wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding for the times and seasons that I have set forth before the foundation of the World.

“I will equip and prepare you to lunge forward into the future with fresh fire and empower you to move forward, productively into your destiny purpose,” says The LORD.

“The fearful and unbelieving will always wallow in their past mistakes, the past failures, the past difficulties they have encountered, and they will refuse to come out of that defeatist mentality that will paralyze them with fear.

“I cannot use them in these times. Perils will not be greater than the power that I will give those who will learn from Me, as they come up higher and receive what I have prepared for them.

“The training has been on the battlefield, not in war games, and even my faithful wounded soldiers will be healed.

“They will not whine and complain about their past pain, but will be ready and willing to move ahead and do great feats for My Kingdom, by My Power, and for My Glory, while believing Me for absolute victory that is ahead, and attainable in Me,” says The LORD.

Source: New Strategies for a New Season ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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