“Have a grateful and thankful heart,” says The LORD.

“I have blessed you and given you daily benefits as well as daily life itself. Your very breath of life is from Me. I AM with you always.

“I have sustained you, night and day. I AM always on guard, aware, and have have never slept on the task of taking meticulous care of you.

“You can rest, confidently in My care, for I AM unfailing. Everything that is good that you have came from Me. Give Me the praise for every blessing, every provision, everything that you have, for I AM the source of every blessing,” says The LORD.

“I inhabit your praises,” says The LORD.

“Sing to ME, and give Me the glory. For there is nothing that I will not do for you as you ask of Me, and believe that you will receive.

“My promises to you will be fully and completely fulfilled as you embrace them by faith and wait for the fullness to come.

“You are blessed to be a blessing to others as you are a witness of My goodness and mercy that you have had all the days of your life, and the gift of eternal life that you have been granted because you have received Me as your personal Savior and I have become The LORD of your life,” says The LORD.

Source: Have a Grateful and Thankful Heart ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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