“I AM aware of everything that is going on in the earth,” says The LORD.

“Nothing is hidden from Me. The enemy does NOT have any secret weapons, hidden strategies, or devices that I AM oblivious of.

“His plans that he THINKS are KNOWN by Me. I know them before he even thought of them. I AM not ignoring his diabolical assignments and alignments, and I AM not sleeping. I AM not indifferent.

“The Earth belongs to Me and has eternal purposes, and nothing will foil my plans, but I will destroy the evil doers along with their diabolical works,” says The LORD.

“Did you think I need to be reminded of the evil one and his opposition to Me and My KINGDOM? I do not, for it is nothing new,” says The LORD.

“But the outcome has already been determined. I AM the Sovereign, and My beloved believers are My undefeated champions who will rule and reign with Me forever and ever.

“I will not be mocked. I have called and chosen My Warriors and they will war. They will not be stopped. I will empower them to defeat the enemy, foil his plans, and expand My Kingdom on earth in every country and region around the earth.

“I will have a mighty harvest, and many will come into My Kingdom during difficult times, as I manifest My Miracle working Power in the midst of them.

“My Plan is to revive and refine and renew and beautify My Bride before I return, and this will happen. I will have a Spotless Bride, a Ready and Waiting Bride, who is Holy, Undefiled, and Awaiting My Return, while at work in My Kingdom, even in perilous times,” says The LORD.

Source: The Earth Belongs to The LORD ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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